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• Super-Bowl Tittie Tale
• BUSHIT News by Billy Jam
• Shut The Fuck Up! by Munkifunk
• DJ News by Munkifunk


"Shocking" and "Embarrassing"—these are some of the reactions by pop star Justin Timberlake regarding what happened at the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 1st. It would be nice to think that a pop celebrity/spokesperson in such a high profile position were referring to the SHOCKING fact that CBS, the network that broadcast the annual sports event—one of television's most viewed broadcasts—had refused to air the anti-Bush TV ad that MoveOn.Org had sent to the network along with a check for $1.6 million. But he wasn't. He was referring to the fact that Janet Jackson showed her tittie. Big fuckin deal! Of course the real story here is how the American media went along with this bullshit story instead of an investigative report on why the media giant caved into political pressure and refused to air the 30 second anti-Bush ad paid for by MoveOn.Org. Meanwhile in Europe there are titters over the titties since in places such as the UK most of the daily newspapers show titties on their infamous "Page 3" spreads. Meanwhile in countries like France highway billboards routinely show bare breasts in their large scale ads.

But the bottom line is that the Janet tittie "controversy" is proof that the US media is Dubya's bitch willing to go along with superficial bullshit stories at the expense of reporting what's really happening in the USA today!

by Billy Jam

artwork by Ariel Shepard

The San Jose Mercury News wrote recently that WAR (if it feels good, do it!) (Hip Hop Slam) and three other anti-war albums: "The most underreported hip-hop story award goes to the artists who recorded more than 60 songs and released four anti-war hip-hop compilations last year: the two-CD Peace Not War album, War Times: Reports From the Opposition (Freedom Fighter), WAR (if it feels good, do it!) (Hip Hop Slam) and What About Us? (Hard Knock Records)." The last two of these four praised CDs are for sale at the Hip Hop Slam SHOP. Meanwhile KALX radio included WAR (if it feels good, do it!) in their recently published "Best of 2003" lists - not bad since the CD was just released at the very end of the year and is still getting current airplay on such stations as KPFA (inc. DJ Sep's "Off The Beaten Track"), Resonance FM (Turntable Radio), and on WFMU.

DJs of Mass Destruction will be represented at the "BANDS AGAINST BUSH!!" show at the Ashkenaz in Berkeley, CA, on Friday, February 13th. Also in the house will be DENNIS J. KUCINICH and the folks from AWOL magazine. Performers will include Bamuthi, EyeCue (Hobo Junction), Relic, Scroo (Group of Nutz), and many more. The DJs of Mass Destruction will include DJ Pone/The Embedded DJ, 4AM, and others from the ever-changing Hip Hop Slam collective. The goal of this non-profit event is to raise the awareness among the younger generations of the importance of voting, as one of the most crucial ways to bring about social, economic, and political change in the United States. The event is being put on by the BAY AREA ART COLLECTIVE who describe themselves as "a group of artists that seek to promote social change through non-violent actions and the universal languages of music and art." More Info:
DUBYA DOLL: For a discomforting laugh (coz it's so true) check out the "Dishonest Dubya: Lying Action Figure" at:

Shut the Fuck Up!
by Munkifunk

Let it be said that DJ Spair doesnt take any shit, especially from unwanted emcees who try to freestyle over his set. Unfortunately that's what happened at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco when a drunken MC Chu from Project Blowed decided to treat an impatient crowd with a dose of verbal skills. His timing was a bit off though since it was right in the middle of a deejay set by the Oakland Faders who were one of the supporting acts for headliner MF Doom. The impromptu performance didn't sit well with DJ Spair who promptly cut the beats…

DJ Spair: "Yo Yo Yo… I'm tryna' DJ and I'm tryna' scratch… So why don't you get off the stage and stop rappin'?!"

MC Chu: "Your DJ time is about to go so you should get out of here with that wack ass flow… You're a DJ so you should never get up on the mic or I'll play u like a free lay… Cut you like Hardaway/Get the fuck outta here mista DJ"

DJ Spair: "Shut up! Please get off the stage! This is our show! Have some respect! I wouldn't do this to you, dog!"

MC Chu: "Ya'll want to hear the DJs?" (to the disapproval of the emcee the crowd cheered loudly for the DJs.)

Needless to say, more words were exchanged, records were broken, and security was called in, but the night ended peacefully if not diplomatically.

When asked, a few days later, to comment on the events, DJ Spair was hesitant to add any fuel to the fire. "I'm shocked that he would pull that shit because I personally know people in Project Blowed," said Spair. "It could have been handled better by both sides."

"Give it up to DJ Spair for having big hairy balls!" said DJ Platurn. Damn straight, ugly people be quiet… and to really hear DJ Spair talk with his hands, pick up his new megamix: Hip Hop's Best Kept Secret (The Old School) dropping next month on Pensive Monkey Records.

by Munkifunk

For a more successful DJ/MC collaboration, peep out the new full-lenghth, Burning the Candle At Both Endz, by derelict emcee TopR of The Earthlings crew. The debut release from the Santa Cruz rapper features banging production from Bootleg and scratches by DJ Teeko (US ITF Champion) and Ales-1 of the FourOneFunk crew.

The Fingerbangerz also just released their incredible debut album,
, a dope display of scratch production by the six-man crew including guest appearances by Vinroc, Illtraxx, Shortkut, and Raashanahmad Morris. Hip Hop Slam's Billy Jam calls it "one of the best fuckin albums you'll hear this year. I rate Finger Bangerz along with such turntablist/producer greats as D-Styles and Alien Army!" It is not fully available commercialy yet buy you can now buy this brand new Finger Bangerz CD from the Hip Hop Slam SHOP.

Timi D [Hip Hop Slam photographer] made a rare public DJ appearance at the Delirium bar in the SF Mission District recently playing a free-form set that included songs by: Public Enemy, Youth Brigade, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Lyrics Born and Johnny Cash.

Live Human featuring DJ Quest are back from a short but very successful tour of Japan where they performed with Shingo2 and Freelancers United. (

Also recently back from tour is Texas turntablist DJ Jester who was doing shows across Europe with P-Love and Kid Koala.

Tablist Magazine #3 is finally out! This issue features: JAM MASTER JAY (R.I.P.), GRANDWIZZARD THEODORE, TONY TOUCH, KID KOALA, BOBBITO, PRECISION, I-EMERGE, VLAD, DIRTY HARRY and SKAM 2? Plus an exposé on INFAMOUS' Miami studio, the Montreal DJ scene, equipment & mixtape reviews the 2003 ALLIES ALL-STAR BEATDOWN US FINALS. (

Valentine's Day is just aroud the corner, and to celebrate, Strawberry is doing a hiphop special on February 14th at the EndUp in San Francisco. B-boys and B-girls can get their mack on to the funky grooves of Faust & Shortee, Pam the Funkstress & Toph One, and Ross Hogg & DJ Neta.

Finally, if you want some scratching while you're at the movies, be sure to check out Along Came Polly which has a cameo by DJ Relm, cutting it up and rocking a club!


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