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WAR (if it feels good, do it!)

Updated 07/19/07

DJs of Mass Destruction
06/23/07 — MP3

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DJs of Mass Destruction
Interview and Article
by Rob Fatal (KSSU)
06/23/07 — MP3

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(the turd hunt continues…)

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SF, CA — 01/18/03

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posted 01/29/03

SF, CA — 09/11/03

posted 10/01/03



SF Bay Guardian
Local Grooves


DJ Stefan
WFMU — New York


DJs of MASS DESTRUCTION LIVE AGAIN @ KFJC (2007) —Includes Full Audio MP3!

WAR II (the turd hunt continues…) CD Release + New Videos!

VIDEO: "WAR (if it feels good, do it!)… Live @ KFJC (2004)

Land of the Free… Yeah Right

DESIGNS ON DEMOCRACY: Communication for Liberation by Nadia

ANTI-WAR TOP TEN: February 2004
"WAR" — The Poem by Angela "Ladybug" Louie

INFO ON HIP HOP SLAM ANTI-WAR COMPILATION (overview & tracking info)
Links to Audio Downloads, Recommended Websites, and other
   Bay Area Produced Anti-WAR Albums
"You're Either With Us or With The Terrorists" by Billy Jam
"WAR (if it sounds good, sample it!)" by Billy Jam
National Catholic Reporter editorial by Sister Joan Chittister
Questions and Answers about Foreign Policy
   (and the U.S. Invasion of Iraq) by Anarchie Bunker
"What Would $87 Billion Buy?" by Michael Moore Overview care of Jello Biafra & Alternative Tentacles
WAR (if it feels good, do it!) — Full, Detailed Track Credits


WAR II (the turd hunt continues…) is the sequel to the controversial, critically acclaimed 2003 Hip Hop Slam release WAR (if it feels good, do it!) whose numerous accolades included making it into Robert Christgau's "honorable mention" list in the Village Voice.

The latest hip-hop anti-war/pro-peace collection is again produced by the DJs of Mass Destruction (Billy Jam, Dawgisht, DJ ALF, DJ Pone, & DnZ) with repeat cameos from Public Enemy, Shing02, and Steinski as well as first time contributions from the likes of emcees Little Larry and Will Villainova, DJ/producers Backyard Bangers, and UK hip-hop wordsmith Braintax. What helps make WAR II's message resound so strongly is the fact that several of its contributors are or have been members of the US Armed Forces including ALF, Dunn-D, and OkiZoo.

To purchase this album click to our SHOP or pick it up at such retailers as AMOEBA MUSIC.


01) DJs of MASS DESTRUCTION / “The Turd Hunt Continues...”
02) SENECA + SHING02 / “WarTimes”
03) DJs of MASS DESTRUCTION / “Shut Up & Listen”
04) DUNN-D / “Wake Up”
05) STEINSKI / “Number 3 on FLT 11: a dirge”
06) WILL VILLAINOVA / “Same Year, Different Number”
07) BRAINTAX / “Exit Plans”
08) PUBLIC ENEMY / “He Got Game / Fuck The War: Live in London (DJ Pone remix)”
09) ALF-a-DAWG / ”Don't Worry? (Katrina Blues)”
10) LITTLE LARRY / “Peace On Earth Rap”
11) OKIZOO / ”Soldiers Letters”
12) DJs of MASS DESTRUCTION / “Addicted To Oil”
13) DJ ALF / “The Deployment”
14) BACKYARD BANGERS / ”The Road of Good Intentions”


Also, check out these two new video from the album, produced by DJ ALF:

"The Turd Hunt Continues…"

"Addiction to Oil"


Check out this new video, which combines the DJs of Mass Destruction (featuring Freelancers Un1ted)'s live session at DJ Trinity's show on KFJC, with the footage from that awful movie called Bush's War on Terror.

The live session features:
DJ Pone
, Shing02, DJ A-1, DnZ, Billy Jam, Munkifunk, and Dawgisht.

The WAR footage features: Emcee Dubya, His Poppy, Saddam, Gov. Ahhhhnold, and a cast of Tens of Thousands of People who never asked for this Bushit!

Video edited by Nausea Grl and Zombie Glue Sniffer.


High Quality (broadband) [29MB]       or       Lower Quality (dial-up) [7MB]

These files are in MPEG-1 format.

by DJ Killabush

Sheep Flag by Fresh Joyce

YOUR RIGHTS: NOW U SEE EM....NOW U DON'T: Watch your rights diminish right in front of your eyes! Whether in the name of "homeland security" or some other scare tactic, Americans are witnessing their rights being ripped from them at a rapid rate since September 11th. (Remember that the Patriot Act was, coincidentally, all ready to go and was rushed into effect within two days of the World Trade disaster....hmmmmm)..... No doubt Dubya will even try and spin the recent horrendous bombings in Madrid that left 200 Spanish civilians dead and hundreds more injured into some more excuses to boost his bullshit position on so-called "terrorism" and "homeland-security" and use it as an excuse to try and strip even further individual rights of citizens of the USA and wherever else in the Western world he can infiltrate his self-serving viewpoints.

And in case you missed this story from a few months back: the Supreme Court ruled that it is now okay for cops to arrest everyone in a car where drugs or anything illegal are found on one person or hidden in the vehicle itself. PICTURE THIS: You, as a law-abiding citizen not wanting to drive home drunk from da club, take a ride with someone who unknowingly has a joint in his ashtray then if the cops stop the car (for any reason) then you are as guilty as the drug owner (no excuses tolerated by the cops) and can be arrested on the spot and go to jail. 'The cops can't be expected to sort out ownership of drugs or guns etc. in the middle of a traffic spot' - is the reasoning of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation - the pro-law enforcement group that pushed the Supreme Court into their decision.

Speaking of the WAR ON DRUGS: Ever since the US troops have been running shit in Iraq and acting like an episode of COPS shot on location in Baghdad they have, in their frequent random traffic stops, found large quantities of heroin or hashish being transported to the West. These unplanned busts usually result in US authorities holding a press conference to sing Bush's praises in the "war on drugs" always managing to mention how Yes indeed this is further proof of how when you buy drugs, even a nickle bag of weed, that you are supporting the terrorists. Funny coz I thought peeps waz supporting the US Government and the CIA when they bought cocaine.

DESIGNS ON DEMOCRACY: Communication for Liberation
by Nadia

Register online today. Space is limited! Last day to register is March 12, 2004.

DESIGNS ON DEMOCRACY: Communication for Liberation

Improving the impact of graphic communications, public relations and issue advertising in the struggle for social justice.

March 26-28, 2004
University of California, Berkeley

If you are an activist working in Graphic Design, Communications, Public
Relations, Web and New Media, Issue Advertising, Guerilla Messaging or are a
student or youth activist in these fields then this conference is for you.

Presenters include (partial list):
Celia Alario, PR For People and The Planet and Media Alliance
Maria Blanco, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the SF Bay Area
Fred Glass, California Federation of Teachers
Van Jones, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
George Lakoff, The Rockridge Institute
Favianna Rodriguez, Tumi's Design
Makani Themba-Nixon, The Praxis Project
Design for Social Impact, Freerange Graphics, Groundspring, Media Alliance,
The Progressive Printers Network, the smartMeme Project, The Spin Project,
and much more.

Workshops include:
Graphic Designer and Communicator Roundtables
The Role of Design and Communication in the Election Cycle
Understanding the Right
Hip-Hop Culture in Activist Design
Understanding your Target Audience
Best Practices in Online Campaigning
Content Management Systems
Building a Practical Alliance for the long-term
Youth Targeted Advertising and much more

Designs on Democracy is sponsored by:
The Design Action Collective
Change the Game
Tumi1s Design
The Ruckus Society

Partners in crime:
Design for Social Impact, Freerange Graphics, Graphic
Alliance, Graphic Artists Guild of Northern California,,
Inkworks Press, International Labor Communications Association,
JusticeDesign, Media Alliance, Movement Strategy Center, Radical Designs,
smartMeme Project, SPIN Project and more


01) Immortal Technique
Freedom of Speech, Homeland & Hip Hop
(feat. Mumia Abul Jamal) from CD Revolutionary Vol. 2 (Viper Records)

02) DJ Hassan Chop!
Radio Baghdad Hit Parade

03) Paris Sonic Jihad LP & CD plus Freedom 12" (Guerrilla Funk)

04) v/a What About Us? (Hard Knock Records)

05) Jello Biafra Machine Gun in the Clown's Hand + Become the Media (Alternative Tentacles)

06) v/a WAR (if it feels good, do it!) (Hip Hop Slam)

07) Finger Bangerz Lesson Unlearned (feat. Illtraxx) from new CD VI-R-US

08) Variable Unit Handbook for the Apocalypse (Wide Hive)

09) v/a Wartimes

10) Lil Larry — Peace on Earth (CD-R)

"WAR" — The Poem
by Angela "Ladybug" Louie

The war today is not across the sea.
It’s against the legislators that lead us to misery.
While we holler and fight against one another, the government celebrates on the behalf of our ignorance.
Our hearts are tamed by TV sitcoms that bare our feelings to falsified images. That’s why our couples can’t collide and leave us in broken communities without families.

No doubt in the back of our minds, we know that these aren’t the rules that we should abide by.
But the struggle of this generation seems to live in hesitation of embarrassment.
By this we forget our pride and use fake images to give us life,
Not knowing that the lost images of the past are where our present discrimination lies.

So I’ve come today to share a message from the wise,
To let you know that if you can’t stand tall and realize what you’ll die for
then you have lost half the battle.
So realize that the war today is not across the sea,
Sometimes it’s the worst enemy called “ME”.


WAR (if it feels good, do it!): Emcee Dubya vs. DJs of Mass Destruction is a 28 track hip hop compilation of emcee and DJ tracks - all dealing with the issues of war and peace, and US foreign policy, in particular the 2003 war on Iraq and the leader/administration that put America there. Many of the tracks utilize Dubya samples or soundbites, mostly drawn from TV News coverage recorded during 2003. This WAR page on the hiphopslam website is dedicated to this album and to many of the issues that its content raises. To purchase this album click to our SHOP or pick it up at such retailers as AMOEBA MUSIC, Aquarius Records, Rasputin's, and Other Music.

The WAR album is dedicated to four people: Barbara Lee (a true American), Chuck D (a true hip hop revolutionary), Steinski (political cut and paste pioneer), and Edwin Starr (R.I.P) for his classic anti-WAR anthem with those timeless lyrics: "WAR! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!"

Scroll down and you will find essays from the album's liner notes, sound samples from the album plus out-takes, links to recommended websites/pages, articles of interest to those who are pro-peace/anti-WAR, and other bits and pieces you may find interesting. You will also find the compilation's track listing and credits.


01) "Win This War and Have A Good Time" (0:16)
02) DJs Of Mass Destruction "War (If It Feels Good, Do It)" (2:16)
03) Mr. Lif "Earthcrusher" (DJ Pone RMX) (3:57)
04) "Dubya vs. Aaarnold" (0:25)
05) Public Enemy "Son of a Bush" (DJ Pone remix) (3:58)
06) Guerrilla News Network "Happy Ramadan Osama bin Laden" (1:33)
07) Steinski & Mass Media "It's up to you (War Mix) (w/ Man in the Blue bathrobe) (5:10)
08) Azeem "George Bush is a gangsta" (1:41)
09) Tino Corp feat. Ben Stokes "Dubya (Commander In Chief)" (4:11)
10) DJs Of Mass Destruction "Liberate The Children" (3:48)
11) Guerrilla News Network "War" (1:14)
12) Cat Five "American Military Operations" (DJsOMD/RMX) (3:33)
13) DJ Stoic "Land Mine" (3:12)
14) DJs of Mass Destruction "What Weapons Of Mass Destruction?" (2:01)
15) Shing02 "Since By Man Came Death" (6:29)
16) Fox News vs. Biiiaaatch (0:12)
17) 4AM "InDaClub" (5:42)
18) Boots "George Bush is a bank manager" (0:16)
19) O-Type "Blood and Sand" (3:13)
20) The Desert DJs "Fifty Miles of Baghdad" (2:24)
21) ARK "So Many People" (excerpt) (1:28)
22) Guerrilla News Network "Good Vs. Evil" (2:06)
23) DJs Of Mass Destruction "Reprise: War Is What They Got" (2:00)
24) Quiet American "Once Over" (3:22)
25) Aya de Leon "Thin Line/Stop the War" (3:22)


26) The Iraq Attack DJs "Spoils of WAR" (2:24)
27) DJs Of Mass Destruction "Nobody Cares (Die for oil sucker)" (2:38)
28) "Shock And Awe" (0:54)

GENERAL CREDITS (click here for fully detailed individual track credits)

Produced by: Billy Jam
Additional Production: DJ Pone & Dawgisht
Music by: Each Artist Who Unselfishly Contributed to This Not-for-Profit Peace Project.
Mastering: Jeremy Goody @ Megasonic Sound Studios
Cover Art/Layout: Dawg Eat Dawg Designz
Sheep Flag Design: Fresh Joyce
Dubya Throwing "W" Photo: Timi D…


"Kings take pleasure in honest lips; they value the one who speaks the truth."

Hence if the people speak and the king doesn't listen, there is something wrong with the king. But if the king acts precipitously and the people say nothing, something is wrong with the people. It may be time for us to realize that in a country that prides itself on being democratic, we are our government. And the rest of the world is figuring that out very quickly.

— Sister Joan Chittister
National Catholic Reporter
May 2003

sheep flag image by Fresh Joyce


The You're either with us or you're with the terrorists mentality applied by Dubya is the same old, same old You're either with us or against us manipulative type of ultimatum that historically has been applied successfully by propaganda-driven regimes and leaders, including one Adolf Hitler. Historically unleashed during times of fear and national insecurity by such shrewd leaders this cheap trick is really nothing but a psychological tool geared purely to control public opinion, if only temporarily. Of course the obvious problem with this black and white mentality is that it allows, rather tolerates absolutely no deviation from these two extremes. But as we well know in reality things are never just black and white, but somewhere in between. And it is in this grey, middle area of opinion where the average free-thinking American exists. And that these Americans' vocal opposition to war or violence of any kind, be it by Dubya or Saddam or whoever, does not conveniently place them "with the terrorists" nor automatically make them "anti-American."

On the contrary: by bravely speaking out, especially during post 9/11 paranoia, and vocally opposing/exposing the current administration's fascist fear tactics, which contradict and endanger the very essence of the constitution,
these individuals are actually much more pro-American than the sheep-like citizens and politicians (Republican or Democrat) who allowed themselves to be so easily duped by Dubya's baloney cowboy rhetoric. Even worse were those Americans who recognized the wrong that was going on with their government but yet sat silently in fear. Shame on them! And shame on that propaganda-for-profit media outlet FOX News for having the audacity to call itself news and fair and balanced, and for pimping the American flag merely to profit off the ratings they believe it will bring. Shame on them all.

But respect, major respect to news outlets like, politicians like Barbara Lee, radio-journalists like Davey D, and artists like Michael Moore, Chuck D and all of the other artists on this anti-war compilation. Props to
all of them for spreading the truth and standing up for fairness, justice and equality. And by so doing, proving that to be a true American means that you are neither with the terrorists or with Bush and his war, but for peace.

Billy Jam


Q: Daddy, why did we have to attack Iraq?
A: Because they had weapons of mass destruction.
Q: But the inspectors didn't find any weapons of mass destruction.
A: That's because the Iraqis were hiding them.
Q: And that's why we invaded Iraq?
A: Yep. Invasions always work better than inspections.
Q: But after we invaded them, we STILL didn't find any weapons of mass destruction, did we?
A: That's because the weapons are so well hidden. Don't worry, we'll find something, probably right before the 2004 election.
Q: Why did Iraq want all those weapons of mass destruction?
A: To use them in a war, silly.
Q: I'm confused. If they had all those weapons that they planned to use in a war, then why didn't they use any of those weapons when we went to war with them?
A: Well, obviously they didn't want anyone to know they had those weapons, so they chose to die by the thousands rather than defend themselves.

— Questions and Answers about Foreign Policy (and the U.S. Invasion of Iraq)
©2003, anarchie bunker


The political cut-and-paste production style that dominants the War (If It Feels Good, Do It) compilation is inspired by Steinski, who pioneered this genre back in the early 1980's along with other artists such as Keith La Blanc, who in 1984 produced for Tommy Boy No Sellout/Malcolm X which drew from Malcolm X speeches over hip hop beats, and Bonzo Goes To Washington whose 1984 single Five Minutes was built around Ronald Reagan's infamous "We begin bombing in five minutes" quote. At this same time Steinski, along with partner Double Dee, was in the midst of recording the classic Lessons trilogy, the first Lesson "The Payback Mix" being released in 1983. But it was after he went solo in 1985 that Steinski (along with his fictional band "Mass Media") began recording the groundbreaking song The Motorcade Sped On which would define the genre of "political cut-and-paste" music. Instead of using just one sample repeatedly to create an abstract message "Motorcade" took the concept of a hip hop driven, sample-based, political/historical commentary to a whole new level with its abundant use of various samples-mostly cut-up TV/radio news reports-all cohesively weaved together over hypnotic beats and breaks to eloquently retell the tragic story of the assassination of JFK. Unfortunately, due to some of the samples, this masterpiece would never be commercially released in the US. It was released eventually in the UK in January '87 on a free 7" EP with NME magazine.

Consequently this political cut-and-paste genre, which sometimes employs electronic music as its backdrop, has become increasingly prolific especially in the USA where sampling political figures is copyright free. Hence countless
American politicians have become recording artists without ever setting foot in a studio: the biggest stars of this sample-based genre being presidents. From Reagan, whose aforementioned "Five Minutes" sound bite has
fueled many songs (and even makes a cameo on this Hip Hop Slam compilation), to George Bush senior who pops up on several tracks on the same compilation, to Bill Clinton, and of course Dubya (the backbone of this CD), US leaders have supplied cut-and-paste artists with much material. For some reason Republican presidents tend to be the most popular to sample with State of the Union (S.O.T.U.) addresses and wartime presidential TV news bites ranking as the most recorded sources.

In fact the title of this album WAR (if it feels good, do it!) - taken from an already re-edited Dubya S.O.T.U. address-found online at - has been utilized by countless political cut-and-paste artists. On this compilation both Tino Corp's Ben Stokes and the DJs of Mass Destruction (DJsOMD) use the sample. These two artists as well as Cat Five, Iraq Attack DJs, The Desert DJs, DJ Killabush, and Guerrilla News Network (GNN) have each been actively taping Dubya since he first stepped to a broadcast mic. In fact GNN have made a career of it with their politically charged body of work which is drawn exclusively from television broadcasts and, until now, only presented as Audio/Visual (A/V) collages. The GNN contributions to this CD are excerpts from their Ammo for the Info-Warrior DVD ( Cat Five and Tino Corp also do A/V presentations of their work in concert. But again it is Steinski who gets props for pioneering the political video cut-up style since he also made a corresponding video version of "Motorcade" back in the mid-eighties. Steinski's contribution to this compilation, It's Up to You, sounds as timely today as when it was originally recorded during that previous Gulf war by Dubya's daddy since almost all the names (Iraq, Saddam, Oil, and Bush) do not need to be changed to protect the guilty.

Artists who didn't use Dubya samples include Japan's Shing02 (who has a timeless Malcolm X quote), DJ Stoic and O-Type (both of whom recorded during the official WAR on Iraq timeline), and also the Quiet American whose Once Over is drawn entirely from field recordings of the San Francisco antiwar movement including the pre-WAR January 18, 2003 protest at SF Civic Center. Also inspired by and recorded during the war was Boots Riley's brief but forceful commentary on why he loves Dubya so much, Aya de Leon's brilliant spoken word US history lesson, and 4AM's hilarious InDaClub which perfectly captures the contradictions and ironies of an urban radio-listening rap fan's life during Dubya's wartime. Meanwhile both Mr. Lif and Public Enemy's instant anti-WAR classics were recorded in the year leading up to Dubya's inevitable WAR.

But perhaps of all the commentaries on this anti-WAR collection, the most moving is on ARK's So Many People (excerpt) by the students at Alameda's Chipman Middle School when Jelane Dugan, in his genuinely frustrated struggle to understand the logic of war, pleads: Why are we bombin' em Bush? Why won't you tell me what for? And to that simple yet profound question, posed by a thirteen year-old with apparent wisdom far beyond that of this nation's leader, there really is no answer. There is no excuse for going to war and killing people.

Peace: Billy Jam







"WAR (if it feels good, do it!)"



"WAR (if it feels good, do it!) (instrumental)"



"Liberate The Children (instrumental)"



"Weapons? What Weapons of Mass Destruction? (instrumental)"



"War is What They Got (instrumental)"



"Nobody Cares (Die for Oil Sucker) (instrumental)"







"Fifty Miles of Baghdad (remix)"



"Fifty Miles of Baghdad (remix instrumental)"



Other current recommended anti-war releases (all note: from the Bay Area) include the compilation:
Hard Knock Records Presents: What About Us?
(available on this site)
Paris' Sonic Jihad
(available at most stores or at
Wartimes: Reports from the Opposition
compilation (
the Wide Hive produced Variable Unit project
Handbook for the Apocalypse: Guide through the Conflict
and Spearhead's Everyone Deserves Music
(available at all record stores).


Other websites we recommend visiting for an alternative view on the WAR and the Dubya administration and related topics:




If you can't get through this list without wanting to throw up, I'll understand. But pass it around anyway. This is the nail in the Iraq War's coffin for any sane, thinking individual, regardless of their political stripe (thanks to and
the Center for American Progress)...

To get some perspective, here are some real-life comparisons about what $87 billion means: $87 Billion Is More Than The Combined Total Of All State Budget Deficits In The United States. The Bush administration proposed absolutely zero funds to help states deal with these deficits, despite the fact that their tax cuts drove down state revenues. [Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities]

$87 Billion Is Enough To Pay The 3.3 Million People Who Have Lost Jobs Under George W. Bush $26,363 Each! The unemployment benefits extension passed by Congress at the beginning of this year provides zero benefits to "workers
who exhausted their regular, state unemployment benefits and cannot find work." All told, two-thirds of unemployed workers have exhausted their benefits. [Source: Center on Budget and Policy

$87 Billion Is More Than DOUBLE The Total Amount The Government Spends On Homeland Security. The U.S. spends about $36 billion on homeland security. Yet, Sen. Warren Rudman (R-N.H.) wrote "America will fall approximately $98.4 billion short of meeting critical emergency responder needs" for homeland security without a funding increase. [Source: Council on Foreign Relations]

$87 Billion Is 87 Times The Amount The Federal Government Spends On After School Programs. George W. Bush proposed a budget that reduces the $1 billion for after-school programs to $600 million -- cutting off about 475,000 children from the program. [Source: The Republican-dominated House Appropriations Committee]

$87 Billion Is More Than 10 Times What The Government Spends On All Environmental Protection. The Bush administration requested just $7.6 billion for the entire Environmental Protection Agency. This included a 32 percent cut to water quality grants, a 6 percent reduction in enforcement staff, and a 50 percent cut to land acquisition and conservation. [Source: Natural Resources Defense Council]

— Michael Moore


Alternative Tentacles and Jello Biafra wrote to tell us about - an organization they support: one whom we in turn endorse. Note that while it is supposedly for "punk" related musicians/fans it is of relevance to fans of any type music, especially young voter::::::::

What Is Punk bands, musicians, and record labels have built a coalition to educate, register and mobilize progressive voters. Something needs to be done to unite the youth vote and bring real activism back into our society. Punk rock has always been on the edge and in the forefront of politics. It is time to energize the majority of today's disenfranchised youth movement and punk rockers to make change a reality. Punkvoter is about organizing the many diverse and regional movements into one voice of political change. Punkvoter is our way to educate today's youth about what is really going on in Washington, DC and how we can collectively force change. This is our chance to be a strong voice against the serious flaws in the current political system. This is our way to talk about new laws and scenarios that could change our quality of life for years to come. Punkvoter is your organization. It will be run with the same energy and spirit of all punk efforts. With your help we will be a credible force to truly shape the future of our nation. These are drastic times and today's youth are not voting. The US is waging wars on false pretenses. Kids under our country's legal drinking age are fighting overseas and dying. Unemployment has reached nine-year highs. Every state has budget deficits and is actively passing these burdens on to future generations - that means you. An estimated 60% of the 2003 graduates will have to move back in with their parents because of the lack of jobs. The 18 to 24-year-old voter demographic dropped to an all time low of only 38% in 2000. We have to do something. Punkvoter plans to organize, educate and invigorate today's youth to again think politically and become involved in changing their society.

What Is Our Goal? Our goal is to educate, register and mobilize over 500,000 of today's youth as one voice. We plan to use this election as a way to get our fans engaged in politics and evolve our movement into becoming involved locally to affect real change nationally.
What Do We Stand For? The progressive principals that parallel the punk movements' guiding strength drive Punkvoter. This is the time for the punk scene to unite around issues we all care about and that we have all sung about. We must all
stand together as one voice in shaping the future of our country. This is not about who is a sellout, who is too hardcore or who is from the west coast, etc This is about getting everyone to mobilize as a block of concerned voters. Punk bands, punk labels, and punk fans must form a union against the chaotic policies George W. Bush has put in place. He must be
exposed. Even amongst this coalition of free thinkers, we may not agree on every issue. Nonetheless, we are united around these four basic principals and feel it is time to stand together in questioning our current administration's policies
Why Build this Coalition? Music has always been ahead of societal change and a major influence on both the culture and the politics of the day. Punk rock is about taking an in-your-face attitude in order to rebel against the problems of our society.
Its time to engage the punk rock spirit into today's political battles. Remember, some of punk's greatest inventors back lashed against the norms of their society. Punk rock has clearly broken down the prudish undercurrents of many Puritanical yet supposedly "modern" governments. Punk bands like the Sex Pistols, MC5, The Clash, Subhumans, Minor Threat, and Crass, have all been a voice for the working class and other minorities in times of strife. Punk musicians have never been afraid to speak out on such topics as drug abuse, suicide, and forms of discrimination such as sexism and racism. In addition, small bands have been local voices for their communities' grassroots concerns. From benefit concerts (California's NOFX, Green Day), to running shelters (DC's Fugazi and Positive Force) punks have always preached social change. Even though punk's diversity spans the political spectrum from the far right to the far left (and even includes those that advocate for the complete breakdown of government as we know it), punk has always preached in the hopes of making change a reality. We must remember that today's politicians are servants to their constituents therefore we must become a true voting force.
contact: Scott Goodstein
1313 Vermont Avenue, NW, Unit 8
Washington, DC 20005

Individual Song Credits, Listed by Track Numbers

#02, 10, 14, 23, & 27 produced by DJs of Mass Destruction (DJsOMD): Dawgisht (beats/music), The Embedded DJ Pone (scratches & co-production), Billy Jam (arrangements, samples, & sound research) for I Shot Reagan Music (BMI).

#27 co-produced by DJ SARS (thanks to Jello Biafra & Alternative Tentacles for use of "Die for Oil Sucker" samples).

#01, 04, 16, & 28 produced by DJ Killabush (ASCRAP).

#28 concept by Timi D…

#03 produced by Insight for Spilled Acid Prod. (Word Mechanic Publishing/ASCAP), lyrics by J Haynes for Virtua Stab Msc. (SESAC), cuts by Fakts One, additional vocals by Insight as Jim Brockman (ASCAP), Remixed by DJ Pone (Special thanks to El P/Def Jux & Mr. Lif:

#05 written by Carlton Ridenhour, Kavon Shah, Lord Aswod, produced & arranged by Professor Griff, bass & guitars by Randy Glaude, Khari Wynof, 7th Octave, and Kavon Shah, Terrordome Music Publishing, Reach Global Songs/Taqiyyah Music (BMI), Koch, Remixed by DJ Pone for Hip Hop Slam Productions, (Very special thanks to Chuck D).

#26 produced by Iraq Attack DJs: Quest & 2Fresh (music), DJ Saddam (cuts, samples, & sandwiches), DJ Pony (additional scratches).

#06, 11, & 22 produced by Guerrilla News Network.

#07 produced/programmed by Steinski with The Ill Chemist (special thanks to Steve Stein & Ninja Tune).

#08 written by Azeem (Twelfth of Never Songs/BMI), produced by Fanatik (thanks to Azeem & Stray Records).

#09 arranged & produced by Ben Stokes.

#12 written, produced, & arranged by Cat Five (

#13 production, sampling & cuts by DJ Stoic.

#15 written & arranged by Shing02, produced by Vector Omega, scratches by DJ Ryota (Circus DJs) (taken from Pearl Harbor / Japonica EP (Mary Joy, 1998)).

#24 sampling, production, & programming by Aaron Ximm (

#17 vocals, music, & production by Jason Chavez (4AM info:

#18 produced by Jam tha Funkster at Kiss My Landlady Studios (ASSCAP).

#19 written, recorded, & produced by O-Type (O-Type — / MX-80 —

#20 produced by The Desert DJs: Questside (music), DJ Chevron (scratches), & DJ Cheney (all samples/programming).

#21 produced by Aldrin Payopay, written by AckRiteKids (A.R.K.) excerpt vocals by Jelane "Mippy" Dugan (full version on SHINE Volume 2 compilation by kids at Chipman Middle School, Alameda, CA. (thanks: David Maduli /

#25 written & performed by Aya de Leon, vocal percussion by Elaine Chao, copyright 2003 all rights reserved (

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