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In the aftermath of the events of September 11, 2001 a lot of shows and events have been canceled or postponed. Included is the CMJ in New York and many shows, not just in the US, but also overseas such as the scheduled shows by D-Styles and QBert in Europe... Many DJs found themselves stranded for several days after all flights were canceled. Peanut Butter Wolf, who now calls LA home, ended up having an extended stay in the Bay Area the week of the September 11 tragedy where he spun alongside DJ Design and Cinnamon Underpants at Fuse...

“Do you take this DJ to be your lawfully wedded...?”—September 8, 2001, DJs Shortee and Faust got married in Atlanta with Z-Trip acting as the wedding party DJ. He was joined momentarily by Shortee (decked out in traditional white bride's gown) when she started scratching up a storm to everyone's delight, reports Mark Herlihy (Future Primitive) who was one of the guests in town for the celebration... DJ Shadow is currently on his honeymoon, not only enjoying the company of his bride but also a break from the studio after being holed up for most of the year working on his highly anticipated soon to drop album.

Scratch the documentary by Doug Pray, which debuted at Sundance along with Wave Twisters earlier this year, has been making the rounds of film festivals in Europe and the US. On September 8, it was the final film at the RESFEST at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco where it got a great reception: not surprisingly since the city of San Fran is as much a star of the movie as many of its DJs (QBert, Mixmaster Mike, Space Travelers, Shadow, etc.). Note that Scratch will also screen at all upcoming RESFESTs including in New York (Oct. 10-14) and Los Angeles (Oct. 25-28) ( Award-winning film company Kicked Down Productions presents a groundbreaking new film Jails, Hospitals, and Hip-Hop featuring a soundtrack composed by Mixmaster Mike. From the mind of Brooklyn actor, performance artist and hip-hop activist Danny Hoch, this film spins out the stories of ten lives shocked by globalization, the prison industry and life in general. The movie starts playing at independent theaters on September 28. Look for Mixmaster Mike's new album on his new label Moonshine Records.

How to Skratch DVD with QBert—The same team that brought you Wave Twisters is collaborating again to bring you the ultimate scratch tutorial: The How-To-Skratch DVD will be broken into 5 categories: <1> Set-up your equipment, <2> The Skratches, <3> Tips and Secrets, <4> Putting it all together, <5> Bonus features...

Bomb Anniversary Weekend—September 28-30 is the 10 year celebration of the San Francisco's own Bomb Hip-Hop (the magazine and record label). Bomb is known for it's groundbreaking Return of the DJ series as well as representing the four elements of hip-hop (dj, graffiti, breakin', and rapping). For those who missed the legendary Bomb parties at the old DNA ('92-'95 era), here's your chance! Friday nights old school party Flashback at Storyville will feature DJ's Dan the Automator (from Gorillaz/Deltron fame), Paul Nice from NY, T-Rock from Atlanta, DJ Shortfuse (Canada), SF's own DJ Design (Foreign Legion), Apollo (Triple Threat DJs) and master mixer Joe Quixx spinning pre-1991 hip-hop. (9pm–2am, Storyville, 1751 Fulton at Masonic, S.F. $15.)
The Saturday event at Justice League will feature live performances by Masters of Illusion, Azeem, Foreign Legion and DJ's Paul Nice, T-Rock, The Wristerons (turntablist crew all the way from England), Top Rawmen (turntablist crew from LA) and special synchronized dance performance by Medea Sirkas (aka Demons of the Mind). (9pm–2am, Justice League, 628 Divisadero, S.F. $15-$20.)
Sunday's free closing party at Fuse in Northbeach will feature Paul Nice, T-Rock and guest DJ's spinning hip-hop and soul. (9p.m. - 2a.m., Fuse, 493 Broadway at Kearny, S.F. free.) More artists to be announced for all three events. For updated info log on to

DJ Battles—September 2 were the Dutch DMC finals... and our Dutch correspondent DJ Sniper reports that winners were Solo Battle: dj rockid (also the defending champ of last year), Supremacy: DJ DNS and Team: SL TROOPERS... November 10 the Vestax World Championships will take place in LA... DMC in SF last week (Ice T picks fight with Pone, Golden Chyld becomes media darling)

Scratch RadioTransmissions debuted Monday August 27, and every last Monday of the month thereafter. Phone Interviews from Prime Cuts, and a bunch of special guests in the studio. Of course we can't forget to air YOUR skratch tracks and a bunch of other exclusive tracks that you've probably never heard before. Make sure to check it out on 90.5 FM KSJS (10pm-2am PST). Make sure to download the Chaincast Player to hear the show live over the net. Soon, we will have our own dedicated real audio server, and a chaincast player will not be necessary. All shows will be archived, so don't trip if you miss it. 4 hours of non-stop skratch music, the revolution has begun. Next Show is on September 24.

Eddie Def's Latest Project—The debut Gonervill album fuses futuristic beats with soulful song structures to produce what they call "Organitronic Instro Hip-hop" music. This album features DJ Eddie Def (Space Travelers, El Stew), drummer Brain (Primus, Praxis, El Stew), bassist Extrak’d (El Stew), with guest guitarist Buckethead (Guns n' Roses, Praxis, El Stew) and M.I.R.V. (Limbomaniacs). Out now on Bill Laswell's Innerhythmic label... Bill Laswell is currently finishing up the soundtrack inspired by the movie Scratch, including the 2001 remix of "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock featuring DST, Disk, Mixmaster Mike, QBert, Rob Swift and other special guests. Also on the soundtrack, slated for a February 2002 release to coincide with the theatrical debut of the documentary, will be tracks from today's leading turntablists.

Salomon Productions DJ School and Turntable Academy is really two separate courses designed to cover every facet of DJ training. At DJ SCHOOL you get hands on training on how to perform all the skills necessary to become a successful Mobile DJ for clubs, weddings, corporate events and private parties. At TURNTABLE ACADEMY our award winning instructors take you step by step through all the latest turntablism techniques, from beginning to professional and competition levels in this fast growing new musical art form. For more information:

Hip Hop Slam recently awarded DJ QBert with the "Hip Hop Slam Hall Of Fame Award" for being "The Most Innovative Skratch DJ of All Time." And what makes this award so significant is that this is only the fifth time such an honor has been bestowed upon anyone. You know what I’m saying? This ain’t no Grammy that they give out every year to some punk newjack best new artist that you never hear from again! Am I right? Hip Hop Slam has been blowing it up since the eighties, and in 15 years this Bay Area mixed media company has carefully and respectfully chosen the recipients of this award including: Grand Wizard Theodore, KRS-One, Too $hort, and Paul Mooney... Congrats to DJ Klever, winner of the US DMC title, who is scheduled to travel to London (September 22/23) for DMC World Finals... Note: In light of the recent terrorist attacks it is best to check in on with DMC to make sure this event will run as scheduled.

Styluswars—If you’re online, be sure to check out, a brand new website dedicated to the turntable arts featuring a ton of interviews including: D-Styles, Focus, and the All Star Beat Down winner, DJ Dopey!

Turntable Theivery—Yeah, y’all thought Mixmaster Mike was just tripping when he called his first album Anti-Theft Device, but it turns out there’s some truth to the Serial Wax Killer's words. As DJs edge precariously into the public eye, they are also increasingly becoming a target for player haters. More and more, we’re hearing reports about records and gear being stolen, not only at parties, but also at clubs, airports and while on tour. Derrick D (a.k.a. DJ OGRE 2) got his decks stolen last month at Club Ibiza in Oakland. So we’re putting out an all points bulletin in hopes that the turntables will be returned to their rightful owner.
The following is a description of distinct features:
— both turntables have European plugs
— both have stubborn start/stop buttons
— one cartridge is a Shure M-477 while the other is a Shure M44G
— 2 black Geffen Records slip mats



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