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• Hip Hop Slam Gives Free DJ/Skratch Lessons @ EXPO for the
   Artist and Musician
• Public Enemy in Europe During War on Iraq: Review from Dublin, Ireland
   by Tall Paul Lowe
• Scratch Attack Special Live on KALX 90.7FM on Sunday Morning, May 4th
• Billy Jam among the contributors to important new Hip-Hop book:
   Free beer @ launch party in NYC with Neil Armstrong spinning

• Happy Crate-Digging in Smelly Berkeley with DnZ
• Midwest Mentality: Tales from Mullet World by Rocky Hanes
• Neil Armstrong’s 2 Original mix-CD Reviewed by Tall Paul Lowe
• DJ Prank’s Greatest Celebrity Phone Calls Designed for Skratch Fans,
   Prank Callers & Digital DJs
• Seven Years Ago: May 1996 — Hip Hop Slam Bay Area Top 20
• Comissioned Graf in Amsterdam: 3 Photos
• 5 Hip Hop Slam Cover Arts in Scenes and Zines Art Exhibit, Richmond, CA


For the third year Hip Hop Slam will have a table at the annual Expo for the Artist & Musician at the Cellspace (2050 Bryant St. in San Francisco’s Mission District). The last two years at the Hip Hop Slam table we gave out information and demonstrations on how to build your own pirate radio station and on “how to make your CD, LP, or VHS” info. We also played skratch videos on a small monitor. This year (Sunday May 4) we will be giving free DJ/skratch lessons for both traditional turntables and digital CD skratch technology. We will also be giving out some Xerox info on various aspects of DJ’ing. DJ’s giving DJ guidance include DJ Platurn (who has given a DJ seminar at San Francisco’s Exploritorium), DnZ (who teaches DJ’ing thru Youth Radio), DJ Pone ('89 Skratch Gangstaz, Backspin Boyz, DJs of Mass Destruction) - who together will give on the spot skratch/DJ lessons throughout the afternoon (from 1:30PM to 5PM with a fifteen minute break at 4:20PM). Note that the EXPO is open from 11:00AM - 5PM. From opening until 1:30PM at the Hip Hop Slam table DJ Munkifunk will be playing music and DJ videos and will be giving away poster art (Scratch Attack LP and Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. IV). The DJ lessons will be between 1:30PM and 5:30PM. Entrance donation is only $2. EXPO FOR THE ARTIST & MUSICIAN is from 11AM - 6PM on Sunday, May 4 @ Cellspace, San Francisco INFO:


The ongoing “Scenes & Zines” show at the Richmond Art Center is an exhibit of with Bay Area album covers and fanzines. Featured are 300 LP/CD covers and 125 fanzine covers - all from the Bay Area. Labels with cover art featured in the exhibit include Alternative Tentacles and Hip Hop Slam. The Hip Hop Slam album covers on display include Turntables By The Bay Vol. 2 LP (Dug-One), Turntables By The Bay Vol. 3 LP (Mars), DJ Sushi’s The Lost Dub Plates EP (Hidehiko Ishizaka), Cat Five’s Kataphonics (Eskae), and Independent Sounds: Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. III (Damion Silver).

The free exhibit is open until May 31. Gallery hours are Noon- 4:30PM, Weds - Sat. Reception is May 16th, 6PM - 8PM. The Richmond Art Center is located at 2540 Barrett Avenue, Richmond, CA 94804 (


Rob Swift recently collaborated with the ever successful Blue Man Group and is featured on their new album The Complex and no he didn’t have to paint himself blue…

DJ Marz has two new records coming soon, a solo and one with the Get The Hater project whose stickers sport a George W. Bush face cut and pasted onto Tony Montana at the table of coke scene from Scarface

DJ Sniper reports from the Netherlands that he and visiting Bay Area DJ 2 Fresh may be collaborating on a recording project…

Recently released in limited edition is a new El Stew CD. Titled The Rehearsal it was recorded live in August 1999. DJ Disk, who is a member of El Stew, isn’t included on this session but Eddie Def was…

DJ Streak has a new battle record (see DnZ’s report)…

Questside (Untold Tales) - DJ Quest’s killer collection of collaborative tracks that the Bullet Proof Space Travelers/Live Human DJ recorded since 1993 is now available in the SHOP

Lab Wars: Cinematic Classic (Extended Visions) is the new skratch CD from Sacramento, CA’s DJ Prolific and MD3. Also featured on the 16-track release is Mr. Vibe. more info: (916)552-1328 / /


There will be a “Scratch Attack” session live on KALX 90.7FM ( on Sunday May 4th from 10:30AM 'til noon (Cali time) with DJs on the turns including Platurn, Cutso, Ngobility, Teeko, DJ Pone, DJ SARS, and A-1. The KALX show is the legendary weekly Sunday morning Cultural Affairs show. The host is Lee. There will be another Scratch Attack session late in May that will be recorded for WFMU’s Re:Mixology summer series.


To celebrate the release of the new book CLASSIC MATERIAL: The Hip-Hop Album
(ECW Press) there will be a special hip hop party at the Reed Space in
NYC on Saturday, May 10, 8PM-11PM with over 30 classic hip-hop albums on
display, Neil Armstrong spinning a 2Original set, free beer, free copies of
Mass Appeal magazine, plus discount copies of this informative new hip hop
book on classic albums with contributions from David Toop, Jon Caramanica,
Jazzbo, Jeff Chang, Billy Jam, (editor) Oliver Wang, and many other hip hop

Reed Space is downtown Manhattan at 151 Orchard Street (b/w
Rivington + Stanton) 212-253-0588 /


Much props to KFJC in Los Altos Hills where the last Scratch Attack broadcast from. That station plays a lot of great music 24/7 and has a huge library both on vinyl and in the computer from the station’s numerous in studio guests. DJ Trinity, whose Rucker Park show is on Saturday afternoons recalls such recent in studio guests as “the lifesavas, eyedea & abilities, alias, live human, catfive… I’ve had a bunch of interviews that I’ve aired too but those weren’t in studio guests (living legends, el-p, slug, non phixion, sage francis, etc.”

taken March 2003


Carlos Mena, who some may recall from his earlier incarnation emcee Solrac from the nineties San Jose hip hop crew 10 Bass T, is back with a new studio and record label (CasaMena). He is also busy doing live shows with a large ensemble of talent. Currently Casamena is preparing for a series of concerts each Wednesday in May at the Black Box in Oakland. Titled ARTISTS that FEED our SOULS the four Wednesday Black Box Sessions will feature master percussionist Michael Spiro, Susana Arenas Pedroso and her Afro-Cuban folkloric dance group Olorun, and selected performances from CASAMENA’s debut release Hip-Hop Meditations. CASAMENA’s launch party is on the last Black Box Wednesday show (May 28). For more info:

Public Enemy @ Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, April 12, 2003
Review by Paul Lowe

The doors for this show (tix cost EUR28.90) opened at 7:45 and Messiah J and the Xpert (formerly Creative Controle but had to change name due to legal reasons) were first up. These guys are starting to become really popular as the venue was a 1/3 full at least while they were on. There has been some changes to the line up since the last time, that I seen them. On the turntables we have DJ Flip and on backup mic is KY or as Messiah said as in Jelly. An on bass we have the twiddler. So this was the line up and went down a treat. Messiah of course was on fire as per normal the words just shooting out of his mouth I am really hoping that these guys start to go places. Messiah demonstrated his sheer professionalism when problems with the sound occurred as the turntables just crashed. Messiah kept on the with the track and ripped it acapella. This went down a treat with everyone in the place and they all appreciated. They also dropped some of the new tunes from the new album as well, which are really nice. But they also dropped Bloodrush, every time I hear this track I keep reminiscing back two years ago Valentines weekend Power FM Messiah J and Danz ripping it live on the radio for all the heads out there. DJ Flip demonstrated his scratching skills as well for the crowd went down very well with everyone as well. At the close of their set Messiah J thanked everyone for coming out, giving their love and support.

At 9:10 Public Enemy bounced onto stage and what an entrance. It was a sheer pleasure to see them perform with a live band, as this has made such a change to the normal MC’s and DJ groups. Public Enemy have now taken it to another level. On stage at the start was Professor Griff, S1W’s, Chuck D, DJ Lord and the band. Chuck bounced on stage wearing a yellow Parka jacket. For a brief second I actually thought it was Flavor Flav on stage. Flavor came on halfway through the 3rd track. The band has made such a difference as the tracks are more pumped and it has changed the whole energy and the performance. Chuck also played homage to the late Edwin Starr and asked the audience to be quiet for 5 seconds and thanked everyone and then launched into War and the crowd responded appreciatively. Chuck also played homage to the late great JMJ as well. As the show bounced from track to track all the classics were been beaten out, etc.

I always love it when a crew gives recognition to their DJ, as per their show P.E. gave props to DJ Lord and let him get busy on the 1s and 2s. DJ Lord has some skills that are amazing and also the speed of his hands is amazing as well. Flavor demonstrated his skills that he has during the show he took over the bass guitar and proved that he could play this, during his solo set when he was talking to the crowd he also got behind the drum kit and gave a demo of his skills on the drums. Flavor also talked about the Iraq conflict and said that he was glad that it was over and hopefully soon all the soldiers will be able to come home safely. Someone from the crowd mentioned George W. Bush and Flavor’s response was “Fuck George Bush and Tony Blair.” When Flavor left the stage Griff took over with the band and they demonstrated their skills. Griff asked was there any musicians in the audience and was explaining as to what musicians and groups influenced the group. They also played a Thin Lizzy song The Boys Are Back in Town. Griff let us know what group influenced him as well and when he said Rage Against the Machine I thought that the roof was going to rip completely off. Griff asked for an extra mic stand as well for his performance of Zach De La Rocka.

After this the crew came back on stage and ripped it again for everyone in the place. Coming towards the end of the show, P.E hyped up everyone to get them to boo everyone who was sitting down upstairs. They finished of with She Watches Channel Zero. At the very end of the show Flavor, Chuck and Griff gave props to the crowd for coming out and support P.E. all the times that they have played in Ireland. Flavor then asked everyone in the audience, raise the peace sign with the two fingers and also with their other hand to raise it as a fist. Together they represent peace, strength and unity. At the end of the show, there was no call for an encore as I think everyone in the house was just too wrecked. P.E. gave real value for money in that they played for 2 1/2 hours. I have to say it has been an amazing month regarding good gigs Public Enemy, Jurassic 5 and the amazing reggae jam Sly n Robbie with Michael Rose. (reach Hip Hop Slam Ireland reporter Tall Paul Lowe at


From the “Pirate Fuckin' Radio” show series which at that time broadcast on eleven pirate stations around the US including Free Radio Berkeley, Free Radio Santa Cruz, KBUD Mendicino, 89.1 FM Seattle, Flavor 91.9 and 90.9 The Bomb in Miami, Steal This Radio in New York City, and Black Magic Radio in Fresno. There were a hundred shows in this 1990’s series. Each were ninety minute shows, made to fit onto cassettes so they could be mailed out to the various pirate stations to rebroadcast. A lot of the music was Bay Area rap/hip hop but some weeks were totally different, especially for the DJ/turntablist sessions which included historic ones with the Space Travelers and the Invisibl Skratch Piklz (Shigger Fragger shows). The pirate fuckin radio shows never had commercials or announcements or censorship of any kind.

1) Mac Mall / Untouchable (Relativity)
2) v/a / Cell Block Compilation (Cell Block/Priority)
3) Rappin’ 4-Tay / Off Parole (Rag Top/Chrysalis)
4) Conscious Daughters / Gamers (Priority)
5) 2Pac / All Eyez On Me (Death Row)
6) IMP / Ill Mannered Playas (In-A-Minute)
7) Lil Ric / Wicked Streets (Solo)
8) Too Short / “Gettin’ It” 12” (Jive)
9) Celly Cel / Killa Kali (Jive)
10) The Whoridas / Shot Callin’ & Big Ballin (Hobo/South Paw)
11) Young Lay / Playah’s Mode (Young Black Brotha)
12) 99th Demention (99 Cents Records)
13) Lateef / “The Wreckoning”/”Latyrx" (Solesides)
14) West Coast rhyme Sayrz / Straight Bumpin (In-A-Minute)
15) Digital Underground / Oregano Flow (Avex/Critique)
16) Peanut Butter Wolf / Step On Our Egos (South Paw)
17) Richie Rich / Talk Like Shhh (Def Jam)
18) Mystic Journeymen / 4001: the EP (Outhouse)
19) The Delinquents / Smooth Getaway (Dank Or Die)
20) MadFace / Black Attracts Heat (Corn Field)

“TESTING 1, 2, 1, 2”
Crate digging DJ DnZ scours Berkeley’s record stores one cold smelly evening to find a test press of DJ Streak’s We Dig Chicks 2 for just five bucks beyootch!
by: DnZ (

On a cold evening a friend and I went to Berkeley (where there was a nasty smell in the air) to do some digging. Originally I wanted to go to some record stores for DJ Premier and Nas imports and probably a new scratch record or two. So here we are just diggin’ around when I see this test pressing of DJ Streak’s We Dig Chicks 2 scratch record. I snatched that record so damn quick. After I went to where they had the scratch records at and I went to go look for it just to see if I came-up or not, and sure enough there it was on the shelf where they put the new shit, but it was a regular with the picture cover and all and it was $13, the test print version was $5. Hell yeah I came-up!!! So once I got that I went to go look for more test pressings of scratch records. Later on that night after I found some of the DJ Premier instrumentals I was looking for I come-up again… Damn twice in one night. The next lucky find I come-up on is once again a DJ Streak scratch record, Lingerie Breaks. Damn Streak, either someone dont like your records or you got caught slippin’ messin’ with one too many females (you should send some of them this way {[^.^]} ). After we leave B-Town and get to the house, I hit up the turns’ to check out the scratch records I just bought and damn…This shit is pretty damn clean, in a way it’s like a scratch record but then it’s also a mix record, so it’s a scratch mix which is dope thing, each beat, sample, whatever is like mixed sounding koo’ and shit and it has some dope jungle tracks as well which is dope cuz “i luv’ me some jungle”, but also the old school beats on there are mixed into each other as well so thats dope when u wanna just practice to different beats without having to stop and put on a new track. So if you are looking for a good scratch record with some dope beats and some dope bass sounds to get your scratch on buy both of ‘em, not just one ‘em either, go get both or they’ll sic some of there females on you, which is probably not a bad thing. Oh yeah, any of you fine ladyz wanna battle??? Just hit me up!!!! {[^.^]}

To see some of Streak and his potna DJ Relm’s fine ladies or for info on their releases and gigs visit their website:


2Original mix CD by Neil Armstrong
reviewed by Tall Paul Lowe + Billy Jam

CD available online:,

A couple of weeks ago while in my local Hip Hop shop (All City Records in Dublin) I saw and bought DJ Neil Armstrong’s 2Original mix cd. Now while I have heard of Neil Armstrong and his crew 5th Platoon, I had never actually heard anything by him or his crew so I was both happy and curious to get my hands on this 58 track CD which it turns out is #3 in a trilogy of Neil Armstrong mix-CDs. The previous two are Original and Sweeet. After listening to 2Original I have to say that this is a CD that you will either love or not be happy with it. Some may be turned off by the fact that the DJ packs in so much music. But if, like me, you love it I guarantee that you will never be bored with it and will find yourself playing it repeatedly. What I really love about this CD is the originality surrounding it. Never before I have ever heard tunes Ain’t No Nigga being mixed with the original tune by the Four Tops or Take Over by the Roc A Fella family as a lot of people would have thought this would have been original but only to discover it was originally released by the Doors. There are many nice surprises on this CD and this is what I love about it. It starts of with Diamond D with Yo thats that Shit with the sample from George Benson playing in the background with some nice scratching on top. There are also some nice comedy improvs from the likes of Chris Rock talking about Big Fat Women and then mixing back into Stunts Blunts and Hip-Hop. The whole CD is mixed really well and you never hear the original track come in until it drops. It must have taken the DJ hours of painstaking work and pure dedication to get this mix right. This is truly a Hip Hop classic mix CD as it mixes the old with the new and it is done so well. Some of the samples that I didn’t realise before is the Fugees-Fugeela - which was done by Teena Marie and Ramsey Lewis. Das Efx Real Hip Hop - Norman Connors. The CD is broken into sections: one is the modern section which flows into the love section with the start of Hip Hop don’t sing about love and how true this is. This then starts of with Grover Washington Jr. Just the two of Us and is then mixed into Smiff n Wesson Wrekonize. The next section is the Old School section from the glory days of Hip Hop wihich kicks off with Kurtis Blow’s The Breaks. The final section starts with the Rose Royce classic Oh Boy and then someone asks for it to flipped to a 45 so that they can dance to it. There is a nice mix from the current ITF of 2002 East Coast Champ IEmerge Take them to War. So if you love Hip Hop and appreciate a good quality mix cd that mixes the old with the new, this is the CD for you!

Additional mini-review of 2Original by Billy Jam:

Tall Paul Lowe, who turned me onto this latest Neil Armstrong release, is right! This mix CD is fuckin amazing and easily the DJ’s best mix to date: one that captures what hip hop should be: a wide range of music spanning many decades and genres (not just hip hop foolio!) - and all perfectly mixed together, and all always leaving you wanting to hear more of each record. Example: just when you’re grooving to one hip hop or soul classic the next (even better one) drops in and takes you further into Neil’s musical journey: one that you will wish to repeat many times. But what stands out most about this mix CD, as confirmed by DJ Platurn (another 2Original convert), is that the 5th Platoon DJ’s style impresses and pleases, not by playing all rare grooves or never heard new tracks, but by playing many familar records such Bill Wither’s “Lovely Day.” But what is impressive is how somehow Neil manages to make this record and all of the other fifty seven tracks packed into his mix all sound remarkably fresssssh!

by Rocky Hanes (our man in St. Louis)

If your one of the many eager{white} population in line for “malibu’s most wanted”,drive a lowered rice rocket,”bump’in” emimem,or just go ape shit when the cd”dj” plays your fav linkin park song,then your pretty stoked to live in st.louis/mid-west.if your black or god forbid,asian then nelly or some knock off 50 cent shit is in heavy rotation!lets not forget the dj section at the local music store,cuz the shoebox size area marked electronica” ,i.e. Moby or tired ass 12’’ of p-diddy is what ya get!

And if you luv america{cuz you better,or get the hell out} then you only need to follow a few simple steps to be a cross bear’in,flag wav’in,gun tote in,mullet wear’in patriot!!!!!

1}exhort your beliefs of belligerent patriotism by attaching several flags{including confederate}to your massive 4x4 truck or fuel whore suv accomponied by many stickers proclaiming the righteousness of your{angry white}god,and snappy slogans summerizing your intolerance for any anti-war freedom of speach,”un-american” tendencies aka. Pro-choice,any other religious beliefs or leftist thoughts.

2}live up to jerry springer stereo types: white,peckerwood racist,only breeding with your kind{or next of kin}.or black,ghetto,{far from fabulous} mentality,with all the negative lifestyle in full effect.and if your asian or other wise,what the fuck are you doing here?!{i have an excuse,and besides,i’m from the ya area,so i know better!}

3}live in and area that only accomadates your race,its safe ,predictable and your daughter won’t get knocked up by some other race and produce a healthy ,cultured,race-mix’in baby that could grow up a democrat!!!

From the frontline of the war on tolerance&peace
Hip Hop Slam soldier,



DJ Prank’s Greatest Celebrity Phone Calls CD collection produced with the Prank Caller and Digital DJ in mind

With the celebrity voices of Arnold, Pacino, and Pesci in those famous (*thanks to the Internet) prank phone calls such as the much loved “I’m a cop you idiot,” “Stop Whining!”, “You just cost me $6,000!” and of course “Who is your daddy and what does he do?”, plus brief DJ skratch interludes spun or scratched by DJ Prank, this is a good CD to have. Also of note are the bonus DIY prank phone call tracks and sound bytes tailored for digital scratch DJs to manipulate. Tracks 22 to 46 are ready-to-go sound bytes for the beginning prank phone caller. The liner notes say “It’s very easy to do it yourself. You can input these choice Arnold quotes into a sampler or computer program, or else simply play them directly off of this CD. Set up a tape or digital recording device by a speaker phone, dial up your phone number, and hit record.” Every celebrity phone call (tracks # 2 - 20) are full of prime acapella voice sounds to scratch with, as are the short DIY prank tracks (#22- 46), and the bonus digital tracks (#47-54) which include phone tones and other sounds.


01) DJ Prank Skratch Intro
02) Gateway
03) Stop Whining
04) Cracker Barrell
05) What Time Do You Have?
06) You just cost me $6,000 !
07) Let me buy you a pack of gum and teach you how to chew it!
08) Stuckee Brothers
09) I’m Detective John Kimble!
10) You son of a bitch!
11) Who is your daddy and what does he do? 12) You lack disipline
13) I’m a cop you idiot!
14) Old lady don’t tekno
15) You love to say ‘son of a bitch’
16) You only exist out here because of me! 17) John Kimble’s One O’ Clock Appointment 18) Not the health dept.
19) You are copulatling?
20) Good morning you son of a bitch!
21) DJ Prank’s demented phone tone skratch outro

22) I’m gonna ask you a bunch of questions
23) Who is your daddy and what does he do?
24) Who are you?
25) I’m detective John Kimble
26) I’m a cop you idiot!
27) Hey I’m a police officer
28) You lack discipline
29) First I would like to get to know you
30) Good morning
31) Yeah
32) Yes
33) You son of a bitch!
34) But I hope you have enough room for my fist…
35) Excuse me I have a few more questions
36) How are you?
37) Get your mother please
38) I wanted to lay low
39) …you are mine now. You belong to me.
40) No deal
41) Remember go straight to the pay phone… 42) It doesn’t make any sense….
43) The girl. I’ve got to talk to her….
44) You want to fuck with me….you are a fuckin choirboy…
45) Stop whining
46) Stop it!

47) Phone tone A
48) Phone tone B
49) Euro-dial tone
50) US dial tone
51) Busy signal
52) Modem dialing Internet log on
53) “With all the troubles in my life”
54) “Crack Your Fuckin Head”
55) Lo-fi prank call bonus track


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