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• T-Rock Tour Report #2
• Bay Area DJ Profile #006: DJ Ngobility
• DJ Jazzy Jeff Gets Busy in Dublin, Ireland by Tall Paul Lowe
• Hip Hop Slam News by Billy Jam
• DJ Mix CD Covers Based on Classic Album Art
• Turntable Radio Expands Its Online Outlet by Mr. Trick
• Shop News Including the Letter of the Week

by Billy Jam

HIP HOP SLAM Picture of the YEAR was taken by staff photographer Timi D.... and pictures L-R DnZ, Munkifunk, and Kersten. The photo was shot on May 4th of this year at the annual Expo for the Artist and Musician at the Cell Space in San Francisco where Hip Hop Slam had set up a booth and was giving free scratch and DJ lessons to whoever wanted to get on the decks. DJ instructors included DnZ and DJ Pone. Also present but not pictured was Shing02 who was giving demos on his Faderboard invention.

At the recent US DMC Finals the top three battle DJs in the country were #1:Inferno, in second place Zajra, and in third our mainmain DJ Teeko QBert's legendary Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze is now available on (double) vinyl... Fans of international hip hop who wrote us after the recent French hip hop reports we ran may want to check out another French website:

At the Crown City Rockers show @ StudioZ.TV, August 19, in San Francisco in which they were joined by a line up that included Pep Love, Shing02, and Zion-I, the packed house were treated to an unannounced performece by Supernatural and also members of Jurassic 5 who were performing earlier that evening at the Shoreline Amplatheater in Mt. View.

Stank - Thursdays at The Agenda in San Jose by Fuse One has had some memorable nites. In August performers included DJ Quest, J-Boogie, Melo-D, Breakastra and many more. Joefu went to the August 21st show with Melo-D and reported that ...."Fuse-One has created a really good space for DJs in San Jose. ...Melo-D definetely knows how to rock a party! The place was packed and everyone was dancing including some b-boys getting down! ...Sounds ranged from Special Ed to Queen's "Another one bites the dust"

Besides the October BOMB Hip Hop US DJ tour featuring T-Rock, Quest, Shortfuse, Pone, and Dave Paul, there is reportedly going to be another Scratch (as in the movie) tour later this year featuring Q-Bert, Jazzy Jay, X-ecutioners, and Z-Trip...For his recent show at the DNA in San Francisco Z-Trip was joined on stage by Lyrics Born. Also tearing shit up on the one's and two's that night was "Sir" Golden Chyld..

Jeff Chang - respected longtime hip hop and cultural journalist/author, whose anticipated book Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation (St. Martin's Press) will be in bookstores in the new year, is teaching a music journalism class @ San Francisco's non-profit Media Alliance. The three-week course will be held on two Saturdays in November with a panel discussion with Bay Area editors and journalists on the fist Sat in December (NOV 15 & 22; DEC 6, 10am-12.30pm). To register or get further info:

The lineup for the Saturday, Sept. 6th FREE 5th Annual 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival put togther by Michael Franti and friends now includes Spearhead, Lyrics Born, Saul Williams, Zion I, Pam Africa, Ram Das, Mario Africa, Julia Butterfly and many more. Info on this free afternoon concert:

T-Rock who is touring as DJ for Top 40 star Amanda Perez and playing arena scale venues opeing for the likes of Britney Spears and Dream writes his second report in this NEWS (scroll down). After his first report, in which the witty DJ claimed to have had sex with Britney Spears and many other conquests… people emailed and asked if the whole thing was a joke or did T-Rock really bone Britney? No he didn't. He wished he did. But yes he really is on tour with Amanda Perez and is indeed brushing shoulders with the likes of Britney as he performs in arenas around the US. But be sure to check the next HipHopSlam.Com NEWS (#018) in which T-Rock will write a column titled..."Letters From My Stalker: by T-Rock"which really is a true story of a female stalker who has been hounding T-Rock by Email ever since she first saw him play in her hometown. Incidentally, and this is for real too, stalking pop stars or celebrities is now officially recognized as a medical condition: C.W.S. (Celebrity Worship Syndrome)


What up party people? It's been a while since I last hit ya with news from the road, truth is… my ass was sitting at homefor almost a whole month with not one gig. Sometimes it just works that way. You know what that means? I don't play, I don't get paid! So anyway, things finally picked up at the end of July. I went out to Michigan to do an outdoor festival for about 5000 people. Blu Cantrell, Dream, and Bubba Sparx were there. So Dream is this 4 girl pop group on P. Diddy's Bad Boy label. Young chicks with big attitudes. So I got thirsty after setting up the turntables and re-assuring the dumbass soundman and stage hands that "Yes, vinyl does still exist!" and "No, this 200 feet long Realistic Radio Shack mixer you had originally set up for me is just not going to work." So anyway, I asked someone where I could get some H2O and they directed me to a certain trailor/dressing room.

Well, I walked in on the "Dream" girls changing their clothes. "WHOOPS!" So they all 4 attacked me and forced me to have sex with them. I was like, "No, leave me alone!" "I'm saving myself for marriage!" But they just wouldn't listen, I felt so violated. Truth is, they said "Can we help you?" and I said "Not unless I get naked too!" No, I said no, grabbed a water from their cooler and said sorry. However, after closing the door behind me I did manage to mumble one thing under my breath which was "BITCHES!" Blu Cantrell talked on the cell phone the entire time....backstage, on stage, during her performance, in the limo on the way out. Plus, she only did two songs....what a diva, "Yeah RIGHT!"

Next up was us, it was cool because my parents were there and finally got to see me do my thing. My mom asked me afterwards if all that "noise coming from my bedroom" when I was growing up lead to this? I said, "Yes mom, the scratching noises lead to this, and the other noises you heard coming from my bedroom lead to this!" Then I grabbed some HOE by the back of her hair as she was passing by and I shoved my tongue down her throat! My dad just laughed and said "That's my boy!" then he grabbed the same HOE and proceeded to do the same thing! Like two peas in a pod I tell ya.

Bubba Sparxxx was a cool guy man. His show was based around the "Deliverance" theme and was pretty damn funny! He ended by dropping his pants and showing his ass. What a guy! He also gave his DJ a 5 minute spot to do his thing. Mad props go out to Bubba Sparxxx and DJ Scientist for that one. Bubba was giving big up's to his DJ and explaining to the crowd that without the DJ there is no hip hop! It was good to see, a country boy from down south reminding everyone that the DJ is a part of hip hop and should stay that way. Hmmm, I wonder when all the other rappers are gonna remember the DJ? Well, that's it for now party people, remember...girls hate guys in sandals and don't tuck your shirt in!! know these two things and you're for sure to get laid!! More on this LATER! T-Rock.

BAY AREA DJ PROFILE #006: DJ Ngobility

DJ Name: DJ Ngobility

Hometown: San Jose/Oakland

Trademark saying or philosophy: "laziness doesn't count" meaning when you're lazy and you don't want to put in work to better yourself what ever your doing that's lazy doesn't count in the game of life. Put in work and you'll see the rewards sooner or later.

DJ Crews: Finger Bangerz feat. -ngobility,replay, gwrex, goldenchyld, squareone, cutso - and before that The UNIT (1996)-Ngobility,Goldenchyld,G-wrex

When you DJ out what music do you spin: I spin what moves the crowd, if I’m at the club and it's a bunch of girls I'm going to spin some jiggy shit. If it's a house party in San Jose I’m going to spin some Pac. Remember as a DJ your job is to move the crowd.

Your Discography (include mix tapes, battle records, co-productions and songs
Contributed to compilations)
VI.R.US-Full length FingerBangerz Album (Dec 2003)
Battle Scar-Break Record #3 (in stores now)
Untouchable-Break Record #2
Five Finger Discount-Break Record #1
Used Soul-Remix CD
NC Clothing Reconstruction Site-Remix CD
Turntables by the Bay
Deep Con 3
Cherry Bustin'-Mix tape and a bunch of mastering projects too.

DJ battle history/solo and/or group: 1999 Much to Much DJ supremacy Champ
2000 ITF Western Hemisphere Team Champs

The first record you ever bought: Conscious Daughters-We rolling deeper

Most influential record(s) in your life: Tupac-All Eyes on Me

When did you first DJ: summer of 1994-right before high school

What exactly made you want to be a DJ: Girls..Girls..Girls.....if you ask any DJ and they tell you something different..they lying, the bottom line is your ladies percentage just goes up....haha. If you’re a DJ and you get no love from the ladies you got a big problem bro.

What is your most memorable performance of your DJ career: 1999 Zebra Finals-We opened up for the X-Men AKA X-ecutioneers and that was our first big break. Uncle AL (ITF president) told us we should join ITF teams and we did that year, we battled the Allies and TurnStyle that year...that was our first time battling team style.

How do you transport your records and/or gear to gigs:I get the girls to carry that shit...

Do you play CDs ever at gigs: Nawh unless it's my track

In your opinion who is the best DJ of all time: I don't know...Everyone has something they're good at.

What do you see yourself doing in 20 years: Head A&R at some big record label, looking for new talent.

What is best way for people to find out more about you: is under construction but it will be up soon ...promise.

Shout outs: MutherFucking BillyJam, He got our back since we entered the scene.

Fave DJ Mix CDs Utilizing Mock Ups of Classic Covers

DJ Serg's Bay Area mix Golden State of Mind (Insidous) was based on the 1988 classic Life is… Too $hort. Flare and D-Styles '99 killer CD release paid tribute to a classic Run DMC cover while the UK's DJ Format cleverly adjusted the Average White Band's cover art.







Mr. Trick Reports from London, England.

The website for the Turntable Radio show has now been relaunched, and with a drastic facelift. The aim is to provide a central source for people to keep up with all the news in the world of turntablism, not to mention to involve the listeners more in the both the radio show and the site itself. In addition to a constant stream of up-to-the-minute news, there are also polls, messaging systems and a forthcoming "Worldwide Tablist Events Calendar", where people can keep track of all events happening globally in turntablism. Add to that means to comment and discuss any articles or polls posted, not to mention an integrated personal messaging system and you have a site that should not be slept on. To celebrate the relaunch of the site and the forthcoming 50th show, our first poll lists 50 tracks that have been aired on the show. What we want our listeners to do is vote for their favourite track, and the top ten will be aired on show #50. The work doesn't stop there though - soon to come is the first ever syndicated tablist news feed, whereby anyone running a tablist site can paste a simply piece of code into their own website and receive the latest news headlines posted at Turntable Radio.

Interested? Let us know - Also, remember that if you have news, we want to hear it: email any news updates (along with pics, weblinks etc) to See you on the site!

DJ Jazzy Jeff Gets Busy
In Dublin, Ireland
exclusive report by Tall "Paul" Lowe

Date: Friday, August 20, 2003
Venue: Redbox Dublin
Tix: EUR20

First up Home support for the magnificent one by our very won DJ Scope Mr. Choice Cuts and the current ITF and DMC champ DJ Tu-Ki (and yes he will be defending his DMC title on Friday).

Scope and Tuk have never worked before and for guys that have never worked before they put an awesome show. Scope has really improved since the last time I seen him DJ.

Tuk had a small problem with the decks that he was djing on the tables were at a slant and every so often the record would hop or scratch. But overall it was an amazing performance from the guys. Seeing as they haven't played together it is going to very interesting to see how well they play when they practice together as DJ Scope said the reason why we jelled so well is that
we have the same taste in music. The funk sets and the scartching had the crowd roaring approval and people grooving to the rhythms as well.

Jazzy Jeff came on stage dressed in white with the crates and also an MC. As soon as Jazzy was warmed up the show got under way. The MC introduced saying this is Jazzy Jeff live and direct from Philly, we all here for a party so put your hands in the air and wave them from side to side. This is Hip Hop and not rap. When Jazzy got under way and started scratching on the turntables and dropping tunes. This was a trip down memory lane not so from the likes of 50 Cent's (Thank god for small mercies). But from the likes of Biggie back to the old school right where he took it back to. The biggie megamix that he played was off the hook, he had the audience hanging on and on till he decided to drop the samples.

The MC told us all I am going to show you how we dance in Philly and proceeded to amble and shuffle across the stage. Saying this is how we do it all in Philly y'all.

Jazzy also used the CD turntables but when he used these he covered his tracks by scratching over them as well with the vinyl. No really noticed unless you were watching his hands as everyone else was having a party listening to the tunes and dancing the night away.

The KRS-1 mix was also amazing and when he dropped I'm still number 1, Sound of Da Police and Step into my World I thought that the roof was going to lift of the Redbox as everyone just went crazy.

And then he went back in the day and started dropping stuff like Big Daddy Kane RAW, EPMD So Watcha Sayin, Public Enemy mix thrown in there for good measure, Eric B and Rakim I ain't no joke.

The MC called for Breakers but the floor was in bits so breaking was going to take place which was a shame as DJ Laz-E was just ripping to go. But when he seen the state of the floor he said no. And that is when the through classics like the Mexican and Apache got dropped. I could feel the energy soaring through my body and reminiscing about the old days.

The standout moment for me was the Rock Bells mix he performed. Oh boy Q-Bert had better watch out as this was completely of the hook. He started to play LL Cool J is hard as hell and brought the same record on the other deck and just kept going line by line by this stage the crowd were just starving to hear the whole tune but he kept us hanging on the whistles of approval and screams from the crowd were amazing. When he did bring the tune in the whole place went mental and the old tune from Electro 9 on the streetsounds label Rock Master Scott and the Dynamic 3 came into my mind the roof, the roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the motherfu*ker burn. Burn Motherf*cker burn.

The show was ended with a scratch rendition from one of the tracks of "He's the DJ I'm the Rapper". I think the track in question is "He's The DJ I'm the Rapper.

It was really excellent to see this legend perform live in Dublin instead of Cork where he normally resides when he comes to Ireland. One thing that I did notice about Jazzy Jeff the music that he played was strongly from the East. I didn't hear one Tupac tune. Although I did hear the gem that launched Snoop Dogg's career 187 an undercover cop. I can still hear the chorus singing in my head.

This was the show that I expected from Premier last year instead of the wack show that he performed. And let all the heads down who have been supporting Hip Hop for years. This show was party orientated and also a back to school lesson for people who support the likes of 50 Cent, Eminmen, and Ja Rule as they got to hear what true Hip Hop is and how it started.

Next on our Hip Hop calendar we have:

DMC's Friday night Venue Redbox Tickets I think are EUR15. Time from 8 until 3:30. If people have some free time the afternoon heats are on at 2. Saturday sees Buck 65 in town tickets for this are EUR13.50 support is from the excellent Messiah J and the Xpert not to be missed. Friday the 5th of September sees Kut Masta Kurt in the POD. And October sees the second anniversary of Choice cuts Special appurtenances by two very respected and well known DJ's, DJ's J Rocc and Shortkut. Oh boy I can't wait for this one.

Also another major announcement scouring the Village web site Sunday 8th of December sees the return of Michael Franti and Spearhead. Ticket price EUR26 including booking fee. If you missed this show the first time around do not miss it this time.

For people who like something different the Village is coming big.

Saturday 30/8/03 New Zealand Reggae Legends Tours Ireland. Tax 10
Sunday 31/8/03 Soul II Soul play Remedy. Tax EUR20. An evening of
Contemporary beats. For more information on this check out the following: object_id=137


NOTE: that DJ Quest's limited edition Mutation Mann CD is currently out of print and no longer available at the shop. Quest says that he will be re-releasing it in a newly remastered/repackaged format sometime in the near future.

Meanwhile HipHopSlamDotCom SHOP Email of the week comes from a frequent SHOPPER in Hawaii whose Emails to DJ Dank are always an entertaining read, especially after smoking a fat joint. Here's the most recent one:

"Whats up homey I'm so sorry at hip hop slam, I change the order one compact disc. I didn't like shigger fragger(battle-beats-breaks-loops- and shit) my changes are going to be, dj mars-brian language and the same compact disc-the ultimate scratch. that the two compact disc I like and one more thing need mailing address iv'e lose the information to, who too send to and the mailing address contact me thank you dj dank dam homey sorry I'm a fan too the world of turntablist, I like it, dj dank homey no need no emenys too the company's and the hiphop slam, well under stand me like too rock those turntable music in my loud radio and car booms amd ani't no turntable biter ,well get my side homey a fan buying shits.......peace homey 2003 e-mail me back!"


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