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Dedicated to the late great Mike "DREAM" Francisco

Home of Return of the DJ, and much more

QBert and company

More QBert and company

Doug Pray's documentary Scratch

Dug-One and company's animation set to QBert's music

Marz, Eddie Def, Cue, Quest, and Eddie K

DJ Cue of Space Travelers

Apollo, Vin Roc, and Shortkut

DJ Stef's long-running DJ site

More skratch DJ info

'89 Skratch Gangstaz

DJ Stoic's Online Zine


Mars-One's Art

Best damn site to buy turntable records, etc.

Specializing in Bay Area hip hop

No explaination necessary

Best graf site

San Fran based underground beat culture

Res Fest

Australia's top notch hip hop magazine

Online turntable s(c/k/q)ratch shop

Italian turntablist crew

Run by Australian turntablist DJ Bonez

Premier Irish hip hop site

DJ with Italy's Alien Army

Message board for Akai MPC users

Another Akai MPC site

Hip Hop and R&B sounds for the Akai MPC4000/3000/2000 and all major samplers

Oakland based graphics company

Skate longboard site

Skate longboard site

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