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Various Artists
Amoeba Music Compilation
Vol. V

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam / Amoeba Music
RELEASE DATE: December, 2004
FORMAT: Double CD + Enhanced Video


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This 2xCD collection in the budget-priced, talent-packed, Amoeba Music Compilation series
(put together by the Californian independent retail music business of the same name) contains 39 music tracks plus 8 video clips. Like its four predecessors, Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. V embraces numerous genres of music such as punk (including The Avengers, The Frisk, La Plebe), reggae (Tribulation), hip-hop (including Azeem, DJ Zeph, Immortal Technique), and electronic (including Textura, AudioVoid). Over half the tracks on Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. V are by Amoeba Music staff members including The Ray Makers (Hollywood), Joe Goldmark (San Francisco), and DJ Platurn (Berkeley). The enhanced CD portion includes eight video clips including the Beat Junkies performing live at Amoeba Music Hollywood and Lars Fredrickson & the Bastards at their record release party at Amoeba Music San Francisco.



01> Feller Quentin / “Invocation” (1:58)
02> The Ray Makers / “Rhesus Monkey Cups” (4:28)
03> Ned / “Cordoba” (2:14)
04> Secret Society of the Sonic Six / “Bad Citizen” (3:14)
05> The Life on Earth / “Bright White Light” (3:24)
06> Felicia and Coctopus / “Whiskey Dick” (2:45)
07> The Moore Brothers / “Fascination” (2:37)
08> Heather Marie & Erick Meade / “It’s Nothing New” (2:54)
09> The Abusers / “Damaged” (3:06)
10> Hotwire Titans / “I Got Love” (3:09)
11> tsktsk / “Million Dollar Red” (2:33)
12> Tribulation / “Nuf a Dis” (3:13)
13> Shayne Keator / “The Sea In Between You & Me” (1:40)
14> Catorce / “Spinning Down” (3:16)
15> Backyard Bangers / “Road of Good Intentions” (3:08)
16> Bohemia / “Evury Day” (3:08)
17> Helium 3 / “Razor Blades” (4:08)
18> The Nervous Breakdowns / “Undependent” (3:36)
19> The Frisk / “Cracked and Peeled” (2:04)
20> Electromagnetic / “New York City” (2:15)
21> Textura / “Frogger” (4:12)
22> Audiovoid / “2-CC (abridged)” (3:24)
23> DJ Platurn / “A L.S.D.N.” (4:30)
24> Cockamamie / “Pants” (4:20)
25> Joe Goldmark / “Santicfied Shuffle” (2:50)
26> Bellweather / “Breathe Deep” (2:34)

CD2 (audio)

01> Top.R / “Last Night” (2:49)
02> DJ JS-1 (featuring Immortal Technique & Lifelong) / “Audio Technician” (2:57)
03> La Plebe / “Exploited People” (2:19)
04> ShiraGirl / “Go Go Go” (3:40)
05> Tommy Gun & The Bullets / “Stand Up” (2:21)
06> The Avengers / “We Are The One” (2:38)
07> The Genie / “Before The World Goes” (5:44)
08> The Dead Have Highways / “The Alone” (4:02)
09> DJ Raw B (featuring Luke Sick & Aram) / “Proto-ghost Groove” (5:49)
10> Dawgisht / “Blues-01 [12-10-96]” (2:26)
11> DJ Zeph (featuring Boots) / “Shake It On Down” (3:24)
12> Azeem / “Show Business” (3:14)
13> Experimental Dental School / “Be Nice To Mankind” (2:31)

CD2 (enhanced cd video)

01> Amoeba Music Intro
02> Beat Junkies / Live @ Amoeba Hollywood
03> Lars Fredrickson & the Bastards / Live @ Amoeba, SF
04> DJs of Mass Destruction / “WAR (if it feels good, do it!)”
05> ShiraGirl / “Living the D.I.Y. Life”
06> Diggin in the Crates @ Amoeba
07> La Plebe
08> Amoeba Music Outro


The Shiggar Fraggar
Show! Vol. 5

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: December, 2006


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This video version of Vol. 5, which is almost identical to the CD version, offers the bonus of being able to visually experience the amazing dexterity of the legendary DJ crew prompting Jeff Chang to write in the Bay Guardian: "What really separates the Skratch Piklz from the ordinary is their invitingly idiosyncratic mix of hard-cored B-boy credentials, post-adolescent awkwardness, and goofy, cartoon/animal/alien/inamimate object cosmology." Meanwhile URB magazine wrote of this release: "Rare examples of turntable purity... an underground classic that's all about the Bay."


Various Artists
Pirate Fuckin' Video 100

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: December, 2006


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This one-hour video is an attention grabbing hip-hop/DJ themed VHS companion to the Pirate Fuckin Radio 100 CD. Many, but not all, of the video tracks corresspond with the CD version. Included are he live orchestrated turtablist tracks from the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and the Space Travelers, plus new interpretive video versions (with lots of graffiti/DJ still shots) of the CD tracks by Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Marz, Drum'n'Bass Army, and DJ Sushi. Also included is a condensed video history of the Hieroglyphics, a classic, rarely seen Kool Keith video, an interview with Doug Pray (director of documentary Scratch), live Live Human, DJ Disk vs. Finger Bangerz, and an out-take of Qbert from The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 3 ("Qbert Rocks The Bells").


DJ TV Vol. 1

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: December, 2006


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Spanning a decade of hip hop history this sixty minute "DJ TV" video includes live DJ recordings, interviews, & videos. Included are several segments from the "Shiggar Fraggar 2000" session that featured Disk, Flare, D-Styles, Finger Bangerz, Shiggar Fraggar and emcee UB, a twelve minute (mostly outtake) segment from the legendary May, 1996 "Shiggar Fraggar Show Vol 5" (originally part of the Pirate Fuckin Radio series) starring the Invisibl Skratch Piklz in their prime lineup: Mix Master Mike, QBert, Disk, Apollo, Shortkut, and emcee UB. Taken from 1993 when Hip Hop Slam TV was on Soulbeat are interviews/live performances from DJs Apollo and Mix Master Mike. More recent is the 2001 live performance ("Ahh Yeah!") by DJ Radar and Tino Corp and also the Ben Stokes produced video "Jazz Overload" which premiered at the 2001 ResFest.


1) "DJTV Vol 1 Intro (Turntable Cirmcumcison)" (2000/2002) Music by D-Styles & Flare / Video by Jimmy the Profit & Sammy Slam
2) "The Famous Finger Bangerz" Golden Chyld & Ngobility (2000)
3) "Bangerz Talkin Hella Shit" (2000)
4) "These Are The Cuts" Flare, UB, and Disk's Ugly Grandpa (2000)
5) Mix Master Mike, Hip Hop Slam TV (1993)
6) "Ahh Yeah!" Tino Corp vs. Radar @ Future Primitive (2001) Produced by Ben Stokes
7) "Whadya Mean White Guys Kan't Rap?" MC Flare, Disk, D-Styles, UB
8) "I'm a DJ" DJ Mek (1994)
9) DJ Apollo Hip Hop Slam TV (1993)
10) GURU freestyle ID (1992)
11) "Cut It Up Flare" DJ Flare (2000)
12) "UB Illin" UB, Disk (2000)
13) "Africa, Antartica, and Your Mom's House" Invisibl Skratch Piklz (1996)
14) "Goin Way Back" Just Ice Interview, (1994)
15) "Jazz Overload" Ken Blokes (2001)
16) "Makin Me..." Invisibl Skratch Piklz (QBert, Disk, Shortkut) live @ DNA (1996)
17) "The Making of Wave Twisters" (1999)
18) "Not Yet Freestyle" The Coup/Closing Credits
*Bonus track produced by B+

DJ TV Vol. 1 features in some point in this video:

Golden Chyld, Ngobility, DJ Flare, DJ Disk, Shiggar Fraggar, UB40, Disk's Ugly Grandpa D-Styles, Q-Bert, Apollo, MixMaster Mike, Shortkut, Yogafrog, Dug-One, Ben Stokes Syd Garron, Eric Henry, Robin, Pam the Funkstress, Boots, E Roc, Guru, Mac Ran, Rocky Mars, Timi D..., Radar, DJ Mek, DJ Shadow, Brian Cross (B+), Billy Jam, Jimmy Tarsi, Dawg Eat Dawg Designz.


Hip Hop Slam TV '93
Vol. 3

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: March, 2007


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ORIGINAL AIR DATE: September 18, 1993

This is the first episode to be released (out of chronological order) from the forgotten Bay Area hip-hop television series "Hip Hop Slam TV" which broadcast on various Bay Area TV stations at different times in the early nineties. There were a few separate series including this one, an independently produced thirteen-series, Saturday afternoon Hip Hop Slam TV
show that ran in the summer/early fall on legendary, now defunct, Oakland black music television station Soulbeat on Channel 37. Clocking in at just an hour, this DVD includes all the highlights from the third episode (September 18, 1993) in that series including interviews, freestyles, and videos. Featured are the members of the then new ieroglyphics crew ("Hiero Day"), New Kingdom, and Fat Joe. Originally this show was taped and broadcast live every Saturday afternoon from 2 to 6 out of a small jenky but very special TV studio deep in East Oakland. The show always gave much love to the Bay Area scene at large, drawing no distinction between so-called "hip-hop" and "rap" which was typically discriminated against at the time by the average programmer and industry power-hitter.

NOTE: due to the underground nature of this rare recording some of the sound (on interview portions) may be "ghetto-style" which, as one praise-bestowing hip-hop critic gushed, is "all part of the charm and authenticity of Hip Hop Slam TV '93."


Hieroglyphics - Interview and Freestyle (Tajai of Souls)
(featuring Del thefunkeehomosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Extra Prolific, Shamen, and Domino)
New Kingdom - Interview and Freestyle + “Good Times (Del remix)”
Fat Joe - Interview and Freestyle + “Flow Joe”
Del thefunkeehomosapien - “Mistadobalina”
Souls of Mischief - “’93 Til Infinity”
Casual - “That's How It Is”
Digital Underground - “The Return Of The Crazy One”

BONUS: Hidden TV Commercials


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