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Various Artists
Independent Sounds:
Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. III

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: November, 2001


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CD 1

1) AZEEM "IMMA RMX" (2:09)
2) 2Mex "L.A. (Like...)" (3:57)
3) Schoolbus Bullies "Endless Party" (5:10)
4) Every Idle Word "Crack Kiss" (3:09)
5) Bukueone feat. Zux "Main Kind" (2:42)
6) The Ray Makers "Wild Eyed Simian Rock" (3:51)
7) JDeville & Suspects "So Quick, So Fast" (4:32)
8) Bas-1 "Highly Effective People" (3:39)
9) Merlin Coleman "Breath Piece" (3:26)
10) TNV featuring Marc Deon "Love & Dough" (5:40)
11) Sacred Hoop "Manana" (3:22)
12) Albert Mathias feat. DJ Quest "Fall Apart " (5:08)
13) Civilian "Battle Cry" (2:52)
14) The Forest Fires Collective "Witness Protection" (2:20)
15) Concepts "Theme" (6:17)
16) Thornamental "It's Your Funeral" (2:30)

CD 2
1) Yvette Pylant "Dance Floor" (3:25)
2) The Real Kofy Brown "Lost & Looking" (4:02)
3) Naru (feat. Shawn Taylor & Kween) "Act like you know me" (4:46)
4) Audio Void "Final Solution" (5:08)
5) Cat Five "Shadrach" (3:40)
6) Meeshee "Books and Records" (3:30)
7) Slut em go! "Tesla" (4:17)
8) The Subtractions "Back In Brown" (3:10).
9) The Planning Commission: "Office Space for Rent" (1:55)
10) Prophets of Rage "Make The Most" (3:45)
11) Drycell Procedure "Dirt Clod" (3:18)
12) Michael Whitmore Some'tet "Juggling The Thing Of A Thing Of a Thing" (2:40)
13) Baia "Double Standard" (3:03)
14) the Act of Breathing in "Cecilia Ann" (3:13)
15) Six Eye Columbia "Horsepill" (3:00)
16) Deep Dickollective (feat. Doug E) "Straighttrippin'" (5:20)
17) M2K "Futuro Music Mix" (6:00)

"Independent Sounds" perfectly sums up each of the indie music artists found on this third collection in the Amoeba Music compilation series. Like the first two CDs, "Independent Sounds: Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. III" also features a diverse range of musical artists and styles from folk to rock and hip hop and electronic and all points in between. However unlike the first two single CD compilations, which focused primarily on Bay Area talent, this double-CD collection also includes many acts from Los Angeles to coincide with the opening of the new Amoeba Music store in Hollywood.

A joint production of Amoeba Music and Hip Hop Slam "Independent Sounds: Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. III" is designed to help get the music of these talented independent artists heard by as many ears as possible. With liner notes that include basic bio and contact information on each artist this budget priced, double CD is sent out to numerous music writers and college radio programmers to help reach this goal.

Amoeba Music "Independent Sounds" also accurately describes Amoeba Music which is the biggest independent music store in the USA with an unsurpassed selection of competitively priced new & used CDs, vinyl, cassettes, videos, DVDs, lasers, posters, etc. in every known musical genre. As with the Berkeley and San Francisco stores the staff at the recently opened Hollywood store are also passionate conniosseurs of all types of music. For proof next time you're in Amoeba pick up a complimentary copy of the booklet "Music We Like" which contains staff members' favorite releases with reviews, charts, and top five lists.

Not surprisingly, many Amoeba staffers are musical artists themselves including members of Six Eye Columbia, Michael Whitmore Some'tet, Every Idle Word,The Planning Commission, Meeshee, Schoolbus Bullies, Civilian, The Ray Makers, Tim Ranow, Thornamental, TNV featuring Marc Deon, Audio Void, Drycell Procedure, Concepts, The Forest Fires Collective, Baia, Element, The Stopgaps, The Latter, Ricky Frystak, Julian Thicke with Fastback '69, Robert Blackburn, Hattattak, The Cushion Theory, Prin-Sess, DJ Serg, and Zenobia.

In fact there are so many musicians working at Amoeba that for the past eight years the store has hosted its own "Amoebapalooza" concert series. Amoeba also is known for its free instore concerts which have included memorable performances from Guided By Voices, Old 97's, Jurassic 5, and Mix Master Mike who loves shopping at Amoeba for vinyl. "It's the dopest record store in history," he said.

Amoeba Music is located at:
2455 Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley / (510) 549-1125
1855 Haight St. in San Francisco / (415) 831-1200
6400 Sunset Blvd. (at Cahuenga) / (323) 245-6400
For more information visit:


DJ TV Vol. 1

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: January, 2002


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Spanning a decade of hip hop history this sixty minute "DJ TV" video includes live DJ recordings, interviews, & videos. Included are several segments from the "Shiggar Fraggar 2000" session that featured Disk, Flare, D-Styles, Finger Bangerz, Shiggar Fraggar and emcee UB, a twelve minute (mostly outtake) segment from the legendary May, 1996 "Shiggar Fraggar Show Vol 5" (originally part of the Pirate Fuckin Radio series) starring the Invisibl Skratch Piklz in their prime lineup: Mix Master Mike, QBert, Disk, Apollo, Shortkut, and emcee UB. Taken from 1993 when Hip Hop Slam TV was on Soulbeat are interviews/live performances from DJs Apollo and Mix Master Mike. More recent is the 2001 live performance ("Ahh Yeah!") by DJ Radar and Tino Corp and also the Ben Stokes produced video "Jazz Overload" which premiered at the 2001 ResFest.


1) "DJTV Vol 1 Intro (Turntable Cirmcumcison)" (2000/2002) Music by D-Styles & Flare / Video by Jimmy the Profit & Sammy Slam
2) "The Famous Finger Bangerz" Golden Chyld & Ngobility (2000)
3) "Bangerz Talkin Hella Shit" (2000)
4) "These Are The Cuts" Flare, UB, and Disk's Ugly Grandpa (2000)
5) Mix Master Mike, Hip Hop Slam TV (1993)
6) "Ahh Yeah!" Tino Corp vs. Radar @ Future Primitive (2001) Produced by Ben Stokes
7) "Whadya Mean White Guys Kan't Rap?" MC Flare, Disk, D-Styles, UB
8) "I'm a DJ" DJ Mek (1994)
9) DJ Apollo Hip Hop Slam TV (1993)
10) GURU freestyle ID (1992)
11) "Cut It Up Flare" DJ Flare (2000)
12) "UB Illin" UB, Disk (2000)
13) "Africa, Antartica, and Your Mom's House" Invisibl Skratch Piklz (1996)
14) "Goin Way Back" Just Ice Interview, (1994)
15) "Jazz Overload" Ken Blokes (2001)
16) "Makin Me..." Invisibl Skratch Piklz (QBert, Disk, Shortkut) live @ DNA (1996)
17) "The Making of Wave Twisters" (1999)
18) "Not Yet Freestyle" The Coup/Closing Credits
*Bonus track produced by B+

DJ TV Vol. 1 features in some point in this video:

Golden Chyld, Ngobility, DJ Flare, DJ Disk, Shiggar Fraggar, UB40, Disk's Ugly Grandpa D-Styles, Q-Bert, Apollo, MixMaster Mike, Shortkut, Yogafrog, Dug-One, Ben Stokes Syd Garron, Eric Henry, Robin, Pam the Funkstress, Boots, E Roc, Guru, Mac Ran, Rocky Mars, Timi D..., Radar, DJ Mek, DJ Shadow, Brian Cross (B+), Billy Jam, Jimmy Tarsi, Dawg Eat Dawg Designz.


Various Artists
Turntables By The Bay Vol. 3

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: February, 2002


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"Turntables By The Bay Vol. 3" is the third and final vinyl release in the Bay Area DJ compilation series. (Note that in addition to the three vinyl volumes there is also a similarly titled, single 20-track CD compilation that contains many (but not all) of the same tracks on these three records.) This vinyl collection opens with DJ Stoic's mix of some of the best moments from the first two "Turntables By The Bay" records. Next up is DJ Quest's killer "Let The Bass Go (Slow'n'Sick)" on which the Live Human/Bullet Proof Space Traveler DJ is joined by longtime partner Eddie K. "Schizophrenic DJ (Left Hand Doesn't Know What The Right Hand is Scratching)" is the intense collaboration between Tino Corp (Jack Dangers & Ben Stokes) and DJs Golden Chyld & Fuse-One. Peanut Butter Wolf teams up with longtime partner & studio beatmaster DJ Design for "Phonies" while Bullet Proof Space Travler DJ Marz delivers "City of Fork Yuen." Battle DJs will be delighted with Bas-One's acapella "Ye'all Didn't Learn" which follows up his infamous tirade against DJs' overuse of the "fresssh" and "ah" sounds: found on the Dirt Style record "100 MPH Backsliding Turkey Cuts." Also for battle DJs/turntablits are the soundbites on Side B (#13) and the lock groove tracks found at the end of each side. Side B opens with an inspired track from 1999 URB DJ Mix champ and Oakland Faders member DJ Spair while "Ah One, Two, Three, Kut" is a classic Invisibl Skratch Piklz track (on vinyl for the first time) taken from the 1996 "Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol 5" and features Mixmaster Mike, QBert, Apollo, Disk, Shortkut, and emcee UB. QBert's short-but-intense "Wrist Wreckin Skratch" is also taken from that same live session. Def'N'Dank's "Fuck The Bullshit" also makes it's vinyl debut having been featured originally on the "Pirate Fuckin Radio 100" CD. Rounding out the album is "Catechism Cut 666" by newcomer Bay Area DJ Munkifunk.


1) DJ Stoic "Bay Area Turntable Meltdown (Intro Mix)" (1:45)
2) DJ Quest feat. Eddie K "Let The bass Go (Slow N Sick)" (2:58)
3) Tino Corp vs. Golden Chyld & Fuse-One "Schitzophrenic DJ (Left Hand Doesn't Know What The Right Hand is Scratching)" (3:17)
4) Peanut Butter Wolf & DJ Design "Phonies" (3:15) Produced by PBW, 1998 (Stones Throw)
5) DJ Marz "City of Fork Yuen" (2:25) Produced by DJ Marz, 2001
6) Bas-One "Ye'all Didn't Learn The First Time" (1:22)
7) DJ Dank's Oakland Lock Groove (Infinity)
8) DJ Spair (Oakland Faders) "Your Typical Skratch Track" (2:38) Produced by Spair 2001
9) Invisibl Skratch Piklz "Ah One, Two, Three, Kut" (7:26) Produced by DJ Killahoe, 1996
10) Def'N'Dank "Fuck The Bullshit" (2:26) Produced by Eddie Def 2000
11) QBert "Wrist Wreckin Skratch" (0:59) Produced by DJ Killahoe
12) DJ Munkifunk "Catechism Cut 666" (1:23) Produced by DJ Munkifunk, 2001
13) Various sound bytes "Do What You Feel" (0:39)
14) DJ Killahoe's Frisco Lock Groove (Til the Scratch Cows Come Home)


Various Artists
Global Turntables

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: March, 2002 (USA); February 2002 (Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia)


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Capturing the ever growing worldwide musical movement of turntablism this twenty track collection features DJs from ten skratch nations including new recordings from the X-ecutioners’ Rob Swift, reigning Canadian DMC/Vestax champ Dopey along with his crew the Turntable Monks, Italy’s leading DJ crew Alien Army, and Korea’s top turntablist DJ Wreckx. As well as these and all the other new tracks from DJs out of Ireland, Holland, England, New Zealand, Norway, and the USA are the two bonus tracks: an instrumental version of Rob Swift’s “Enter The Ablist” and Double Dee & Steinski’s long-out-of-print, 1985 classic “Lesson 3 (The History of Hip Hop)” which was digitally remastered for this release by Double Dee. Also included is Grand Wizard Theodore, creator of the scratch, who reminisces on his highly influential invention in the spoken-word opening track. The CD’s information packed liner notes (reprinted below) include bio & contact data on all the compilation’s artists.


1) Grand Wizard Theodore “Birth of the Skratch” (spoken word Intro) (:50)
2) DJ Graft “Ya Know The Name….(Skratching)” (Norway) (2:50)
3) Rob Swift “Enter The Ablist” (2:40) (USA)
4) DJ Raw “NZ Connection” (2:37) (New Zealand)
5) Alien Army “Snuff Music, 4 Movements”” (Italy) (6:20)
6) DJ Yoda “Yoda’s Theme” (England) (:50)
7) DJ Knowledge & DJ Cold Crush “Do what you do best”(Holland) (3:28)
8) ‘89 Skratch Gangstaz “Extra Credit (Lesson 3 Remix)” (4:57) (USA)
9) DJ Wreckx “Honest DJ” (Korea) (3:14)
10) Turntable Monks (feat. Dopey) “Enter The Shaolin Monks” (Canada) (4:04)
11)Troubled Soul “In A World Of Trouble” (Ireland) (2:46)
12) DJ Bonez “A Different Drummer” (Australia) (3:40)
13) DJ Shortfuse “Chainsaw Masochist” (Canada)
14) DJ Sniper “Theme of the Rookie” (Netherlands) (3:56)
15) DJ Yoda “Yoda’s One Man Band” (UK) (:50)
16) DJ Marvel “Fastest DJ Pt. II” (England) (3:30)
17) “Power FM Dublin” Laz-E, Tu Ki, Davy Splyce (Ireland) (0:57)
18) Tino Corp vs. DJ Inesha “Fresh Mambo” (Cuba, USA & ITALY)

19) Double D & Steinski “Lesson 3 (The History of Hip Hop)” (Digitally Remastered) (4:57)
20) Rob Swift “Enter The Ablist” (Instrumental Mix) (2:40)

ARTIST/TRACK BREAKDOWN (from CD liner notes)

1) Grand Wizard Theodore “Birth Of The Scratch” (The Bronx, USA) (0:50) “Global Turntables” is dedicated to Grand Wizard Theodore (GWT) who created the scratch back in 1975 and consequently kick starting the ever-growing global turntablist movement. This spoken word excerpt, which explains how GWT made that historic creation, is from the interview he did for “Scratch Attack” radio in May, 2001 in the Bronx upon receiving a “Hip Hop Slam Hall of Fame Award” (as shown in picture) for his invaluable contribution to hip hop culture. Since then GWT has recorded his soon to drop full length CD “Hip Hop Headz” to be released on GWT Records. Contact:

2) DJ Graft “Ya Know The Name…..(Skratching)” (Norway) (2:50) written & performed by DJ Graft. Born and raised in the small Norwegian town of Bod¯, 22 year old DJ Graft started DJ’ing at age 11 after seeing a DJ scratching on television. Ever a humble fellow he insists that he is “light-years away from the greatest scratch DJ” but he that he is constantly practising to perfect his skills. “Most of my friends are not into hip-hop. Therefore I’ve had nobody to learn from except for people on the Internet, much love to them!,” he said from the town of Troms¯ where he now lives. “I live in a small town, and (most of) the peeps are friends and hang out even though they do not play (or like) the same genres of music.” Contact:

3) Rob Swift “Enter The Ablist” (USA) (2:40) Written, scratched, mixed, & produced by Rob Swift for Swift Tracks Music BMI. Mgmt: troublewith2 productions At age nine, thanks to the influence of his older brother “Universe” and his DJ’ing father, Queens, New Yorker Rob Swift got on the turns and throughout Intermediate school was active DJ’ing school parties and slinging mixtapes with his partner Les (later of the Beatnuts). In 1991 he entered the New Music Seminar DJ battle and placed third. The battle’s winner, Steve D, was so impressed that he invited Rob to join the X-Men (later known as X-Ecutioners). As a member of that crew Rob has performed/toured extensively and recorded the albums “X-pressions” (Asphodel) in 1997 and the new “Built from Scratch” (Loud). Meanwhile Rob’s rich solo discography includes appearances on such compilations as “Return of the DJ Vol. 1” & “Cue’s Hip Hop Shop Vol. 1,” plus his own albums: 1997’s “Soulful Fruit” (Stones Throw), 1999’s “The Ablist” (Asphodel), and his new album “Sound Event” (Tableturns). Dropping in Summer 2002 it features appearances from Large Professor, DJ Melo D, DJ Klever, DJ Quest, and Bob James. Contacts:,

4) DJ Raw “N. Z. Connection” (New Zealand) (2:37) Produced, written & performed by DJ Raw (I.P. Senmanu) for 1200 Stylez & 2 Much Records. DJ Raw was born and raised in the New Zealand capital ofWellington. He began “messing with a 3 in 1 stereo” in 1987. By ‘89 he had his first 1200’s and immediately began entering DJ battles and by 1991 was the reigning New Zealand DMC champ. Consequently he has won numerous DJ battles including 1993 Ruff House battle, both the 1997 New Zealand ITF and the 1997 Australian ITF battles, plus the 2000 New Zealand DMC (that September he placed seventh at the DMC World Finals in London). Over the years he has released eight mix tapes including “Butta Mix Vol 5” and “Fat Blendz Vol 2.” His credits include production & scratching on the King Kapisi album “Savage Thoughts” and production on the Footsouljahs EP “Stylz, Deliveriez, Flowz.” He is currently finishing up his solo album, “1200 Stylez and MC Flowz.” Contacts:

5) Alien Army “Snuff Music, 4 Movements” (Italy) (6:20)
Produced by Skizo at the Grande Madre Aliena Studios, Italy. Scratches by Skizo, Tayone, Zak, & Inesha. Italy’s premier turntablist crew Alien Army (Skizo, Tayone, Zak, Inesha, & Metz) was founded in 1996 by DJ Skizo who is 100% dedicated to the art of turntablism. Since their formation Alien Army, as a team and as individual DJs, have won countless DJ battles including Alien Army winning the 2000 Italian ITF, Tayone taking titles in the 1997 Italian ITF & the 2001 Italian Vestax Extravaganza, Inesha winning the 1999 Italian DMC Championship, and Skizo winning in Australia (his second home) the 1996 Australian DMC. Look for a soon-to-drop Alien Army album, featuring talent from around the globe, and also a new break beat album by Skizo with Australian producer DJ Sing. Contacts:

6) DJ Yoda “Yoda’s Theme” (England) (:50) Recorded/mixed/scratched/dug-up/created/blended by DJ Yoda @ Greenpeace & Yoda’s lab. DJ Yoda from London, England is one funny, prolific, & talented muthafucka. His battle titles include the Scratch DJ category of the Diesel U Music Awards 2001 ( As a key member of the Fat Lace crew (, he edits The Magazine for Ageing B-boys, as well as penning the DJ page for the UK’s Hip Hop Connection magazine, plus he writes for both Sleaze Nation and IDJ. But Yoda is perhaps best known for his great mix-tapes which include “Jews Paid” and “Jews, Paid Too!” with DJ Greenpeace, “Jewbonics” and “Piano Breaks”. As well as being a resident at London hip-hop clubs Spread Love ( and The Fat Lace Night, Yoda’s DJ duties have also included judging the 2000 DMC World Finals. Plus he has travelled as far as Japan, Sweden, Ireland and Australia to DJ with the likes of The Arsonists, Ugly Duckling, Lootpack & the Scratch Perverts. With “Antedote Breaks” (a mix CD on Antedote Records), a Spread Love CD, and his new mixtape (“How To Cut and Paste Vol.1”) Yoda’s future looks as busy as his past. Contacts:,

7) DJ Knowledge & DJ Cold Crush “Do what you do best” (Holland) (3:28) Beats by Cold Crush & DJ Knowledge, scratches by DJ Knowledge, mixed by Cold Crush. produced for “Flavor in ya rear end(tertainment)” DJ Knowledge (NL) - Swot Team - Hailing from the Northern Netherlands town of Sneek are producer Cold Crush (studio arsenal includes: Akai MPC 2KXL, Yamaha A4000 Sampler, Korg MS 2000, Roland Juno 106, Mackie 1402 VLZ, PIII 800 Computer, & Bitstream MIDI Controller) and the prolific DJ Knowledge who has DJ’ed for the SWOT team, BTP crew, Thumbbrothers, Ghettobirds and the P Double Faced Band. Knowledge has released several mix tapes including “Electric Fantastic” and has contributed to releases from the SWOT Team (on “Cue’s Hip Hop Shop Vol. 2”) and P Double Faced Band (“Test 1,2” CD) Contacts:,

8) ‘89 Skratch Gangstaz “Extra Credit (Lesson 3 Remix)” Produced, mixed, & scratched by ‘89 Skratch Gangstaz at The Snayk Pit, Vallejo, CA. The Bay Area’s ever-active ‘89 Skratch Gangstaz, featuring Snayk Eyez, Pone, and Mike Boogie (member Badrok is on hiatus) took inspiration from Double Dee & Steinski’s “Lesson 3” by getting many of the same vinyl sources used for thier classic to de/re-construct this new recording. DJ Pone, whose battle history includes being a finalist in the1999 USA DMC, is also a member of reggae band Dub Efx and is the resident turntablist on Hip Hop Slam’s radio show “Scratch Attack.” Mike Boogie’s production credits include the Tableturns battle record “Food Around The Corner.” Snayk Eyez is known the globe over for entering battles: he won the first ever DMC Battle for World Supremcy in San Francisco in 2000 and made it into the semi-finals in the DMC World Finals in London. In the DMC World Supremacy Battle in 2001 he placed second. The ‘89 Skratch Gangstaz discography inlcudes tracks on the BOMB’s Return of the DJ Vol. 4” (“Lesson 89”) and Hip Hop Slam’s “Turntables By The Bay” (“Cut From Behind”). Contacts:

9) DJ Wreckx “Honest DJ” (South Korea) (3:14) Produced, mixed & scratched by Wreckx. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea DJ Wreckx started DJing about 10 years ago and has consequently dedicated to his life to the music: DJ’ing at clubs like Soul Train and Club Masterplan, setting up Korean DJ battles, and also owning one of Korea’s few vinyl record stores: Eunsuri Records. To date he has recorded seven mixtapes including the recent “DJ Wreckx MixTape Vol. 7: It’s My Style” and has also contributed his production and DJ skills to a half dozen Korean hip-hop compilations. Currently he is finishing up his first full length album. Of the track “Honest DJ” he said: “This DJ culture is getting bigger in Korea but it’s either commercial or just rubbish… So I wanted to put this messege on this song. The intro is taken from a Korean radio show where I was at and the words in the song are like, “ If you can elevate the listeners’ emotions with your skratch(DJing), you are truly a “DJ” but when you just follow the footsteps of money and fame, you’ll find yurself a sucker dj.”

10) Turntable Monks “Enter The Shaolin Monks” (Canada) (4:04) Produced, mixed, and scratched by the Turntable Monks. Featuring the DJs Dopey, J-tec, J-swift of the crews Turntable Monks, Needillworks and the intro/outro voice of Tommyboygeorgemichaeljordannightrider “Enter The Shaolin Monks” is a powerful representation of the rich Canadian DJ scene whose reigning battle DJ champion is Dopey who boasts a long list of titles including 1999-2000 DMC Toronto Champ, 1999-2000 ITF Toronto Champ, 2000-2001 DMC Head to Head Canadian Champ, the 2001 DMC Montreal Champ, the 2001 Vestax Extravaganza Canadian Champ, and the Allies All-Star Beat Down Champ at the legendary nightclub the Roxy in New York City on July 20th, 2001. Contacts:

11) Troubled Soul “In A World Of Trouble” (Ireland) (2:46) Produced by Troubled Soul for ‘The Heels Of The Bread’ (Thanks Mister Deasy)
Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the talented DJ/producer/label owner (Equilibrium) Troubled Soul has lived in Dublin for the past 6 years. His discography includes “Lightweight Weatherproof and Durable,” “Heavyweight Weatherproof and Durable Vol. 2,” and the recent “Balance” CD. He is currently working on an EP and has released a single with San Jose, CA born lyricist Exile Eye (“Inessence”) for whom he also contributed to his new album and next single (“Forward On”). Ever prolific the globe-trotting Troubled Soul is also a member of the 360 Fam (Seattle/LA), a member of Irish jazz/experimental band Trouble Penetrator, and active collaborator with Mister Deasy Mooneye, Danz (Dublin emcee) and ‘The Heels of the Bread.’ Contacts:

12) DJ Bonez “A Different Drummer” (Australia) (3:40) Australia’s DJ Bonez started DJ’ing in ‘93 and by ‘95 had become a force within the Australian turntablist movement becoming known worldwide dedicated presence on the hip hop scene. He formed the Cross Fader Raiders: the first DJ team to branch out of Australia. His battle titles include the 1996 NSW (New South Wales) Studio DJ one-on-one knockout, the 1998 2nd NSW DMC Championship, and the 1998 NSW ITF Championship. Over the years he has performed alongside such DJs as Vin Roc, QBert, DJ Craze, Mix Master Mike, and DJ Krush. His discography includes the battle record, “Raiders of the Lost Create Vol. #1,” the CD “Casting Spells on Twelve’s” feat. DJ Swamp, the battle record “Bone Breaks Vol. #1,” and the CD “Hands on Decks.” Look for his new album, “Dirty Faders” (Statik), to drop later this year. Contacts:

13) DJ Shorfuse “Chainsaw Masochist” (Canada) Recorded, mixed, and violated by DJ Shortfuse in B.C., November 2001 Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.) , Canada, DJ Shortfuse, who started DJ’ing in 1994, has released the acclaimed mixtapes “Disorganized Shortfusion” and “The Sonic Violator.” He also contributed the track “Unpleasant Thoughts” to the BOMB Hip Hop’s “Return of the DJ Vol. 4” compilation. Additionally he did all of the cuts on Canadian group The Occidents release “Audio Pleasure.” Contact:

14) DJ Sniper (Netherlands) (3:56) CD
“Theme of the Rookie” produced by Rubian,cuts done by sniper Nineteen year old Dutch DJ Sniper started scratching in 1997 and in 2000 entered his first battle: an elimination round for the Dutch DMC in which he placed second, consequently going onto the Dutch DMC finals in which he was crowned “Rookie of the Year”. He placed second in the Dutch DMC supremacy battle and went straight to the World DMC supremacy. In 2000 Sniper and his crew, SWOT Team (along with DJ KNowledge, Mista Sweet, & DJ Vandal) contributed the track “Dr. Thumb’s Theme” to “Cues Hip Hop Shop Vol. 2” (Stray)” the compilation put together by the Space Travelers’ DJ Cue. Recently Sniper finished recording a new mix CD and is currently in training for 2002 DJ battles. Contact:

15) DJ Yoda “Yoda’s One Man Band” (UK) (:50) Recorded/mixed/scratched/dug-up/created/blended by DJ Yoda @ Greenpeace & Yoda’s lab

16) DJ Marvel “Fastest DJ Pt. II” (England) (3:30) Written & performed by DJ Marvel. One half of UK’s Wristerons crew (with DJ Haste) who were introduced to American audiences with their appearance on BOMB Hip Hop’s “Return of The DJ Vol 4” with the track “We Are The Ones” which, along with this track and ten others, can be found on the UK CD release “We Are The Ones.” DJ Marvel was born in Plymouth, Southwest England in 1977. He started DJ’ing in the summer of ‘93 at age sixteen and hasn’t been able to quit. In 2000 The Wristerons released the limited edition “Flex of the Wrist.” They are currently working on a new album. Contact:

17) Laz-E, Tu Ki, Davy Splyce “Power FM Dublin” (Ireland) (:57) This Feb. 2001 radio excerpt is from the radio show “Plastic Attack” hosted by DJ Laz-E on Dublin, Ireland pirate radio station Power FM. Featured are turntablists Tu Ki and Davy Splyce. Also present at the live radio session was Irish DMC champ DJ Mek. For more info on these and other Irish DJs visit

18) Tino Corp vs. DJ Inesha “Fresh Mambo” on the Master percussionist Tino resides in his native Cuba but has made some rare appearances on US soil for the recording on his break record series “Tino’s Breaks” for which he teamed up with Bay Area based producers Mike Powell, Ben Stokes of H-Gun, & Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto fame. It was on one of these visits to the USA in the summer of 2001 that he collaborated with globe trotting DJ Inesha from the Italian crew Alien Army to create “Fresh Mambo” using a remastered version of a track from Tino’s infamous “Mambo Breaks”disc.

19) Double Dee & Steinski “Lesson 3 (The History of Hip Hop)” (USA) (4:57) Double Dee & Steinski’s long out of print classic 1984 recording “Lesson 3 (The History of Hip Hop)” (digitally remastered by Double Dee for this collection) demonstrates how, since the early eighties, the cut-and-paste production stylings of this pioneering New York studio duo have directly influenced countless hip hop DJs/producers including Coldcut, DJ Shadow, and Cut Chemist. Note that Shadow’s “Lesson 4” and both Cut Chemist’s “Lesson 4” and “Lesson 6” were all homages to Double Dee & Steinski’s “Lesson 3” and the first two “Lessons” mixes. Currently Steinski is working on “Nothing To Fear,” a Rough Mix by Steinski for the Solid Steel radio programme in the UK and available this spring in select bootleg outlets. Contacts: & soon-to-unveil

20) Rob Swift “Enter The Ablist (Instrumental Version)” (2:40) Produced, Mixed and Arranged by Rob Swift for Swift Tracks Music, BMI

Live Human

LABEL: C.O.D. Record$
RELEASE DATE: April, 2002


click to enlarge


1) "No Label"/"Sevens" (5:13)
2) "Guitar" (3:46)
3) "Breakbeat" (7:14)
4) "Violinterlude" (1:55)
5) "Cantos" (6:58)
6) "Fr-Fre-Fre-Fresshhhhhhh!" (4:19)
7) "New Break" (3:23)
8) "Hear The Drummer" (3:23)
9) "Human Til Infinity" (6:54)
10) "Elephant Remix Remix" (6:00)

"In-your-face hip-hop beats with a solid funk attitude
layered with turntable screeches and punk jazz"

This live recording is taken from Live Human's Great American Music Hall, San Francisco concert on July 14, 2001 just after the trio arrived back in their hometown off their summer European tour: a successful Euro-trek that culminated in their sold out performance at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. DJ Quest, Albert Mathias (percussion), and Andrew Kushin (bass) were clearly delighted to be back home and it shows in this amazing live recording. Unlike Live Human's previous studio albums (1997's "Live Human Featuring DJ Quest," 1999's "Monostereosis," and 2000 "Elephish Jellyphant") "Live Human Live" captures Live Human in their most natural element: live. "A mind-bending dollop of deftly executed improv beat magic," is how Bay Guardian writer Dave Pehling described one Live Human show. And this live recording is no different. Note that this limited edition (999 made) debut release from C.O.D. RECORD$, distributed exclusively by Hip Hop Slam, is only sold at Live Human concerts and at select independent outlets (off & online) such as Amoeba Music, Aquarius Records, and and others that are willing to buy direct C.O.D. from Hip Hop Slam in an effort to keep prices low for the Live Human fan.


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