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Various Artists
Scratch Attack vol. 3

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: March, 2003


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Scratch Attack Vol. 3 is the third and final volume in this Hip Hop Slam DJ series. Showcasing DJ T-Rock (five killer tracks) and featuring many other amazing artists including DJ Platurn and Shing02, it is a progressive skratch mix of studio recordings and live tracks. The live music tracks and interview/mic breaks were culled from several (post-KPFA) Scratch Attack shows including the Jam Master Jay tribute (KJMJ Pirate Radio) and the Scratch Attack special recorded for UK radio's Turntable Radio.


01) DJ Prank vs. Arnold / “Scratch Attack (You Idiot!!)” (2:07)
02) DJ T-Rock / “Forward Back Back” (1:58)
03) Alien Army / “Jazz” (3:41)
04) “Hey Kids” (:23)
05) Live Human Live / “Elephant Remix Remix” (5:22)
06) Shing02 & Freelancers United / “Organ Transplant” (4:28)
07) DJ T-Rock / “Welcome Back My Friends” (3:17)
08) Kid Ginseng / “The Haunting of Andy Warhol” (2:11)
09) DJ Sushi & OSC / “Pigeon Head Scratch” (2:22)
10) DnZ / Shout Out (:20)
11) DJ T-Rock / “Step Out… Destroy” (3:05)
12) DJ Haste / “Surgical Spirits (Operation on the Turntables)” (4:17)
13) DJ Platurn / “A-List B-Boy”(3:27)
14) “ScratchAttackSkratch” (:13)
15) Cutso, Spair, and Stoic (Live) (5:31)
16) Bas-One / “We Need Loud Drunk Unruly People” (:16)
17) dawgisht vs. DJ Stoic / “Hangover” (3:13)
18) DJ T-Rock / “Out of Control” (2:56)
19) DJ T-Rock / “This is the Captain (4:32)
20) DJ Dank vs. Leprechaun in the Hood (1:36)
21) DJ Pone / “Ain't No Product Spokesperson” (:23)
22) DJ QBert / Twix Commercial (:29)
23) DJ Platurn / “Ducks n Geese (Barnyard Scratch)” (Live) (2:22)
24) Bas-One / Talkin Hella Shit (:49)
25) DJ Drank / “Battle of the Malt Liquors” (:51)


26) Shing02 / Faderboard interview (1:43)
27) DJs Call-In Tribute to Jam Master Jay (1:21)
28) Cory Robbins / JMJ Call-In Tribute (3:37)
29) DJ Platurn / “KJMJ Skratch” (1:00)
30) Heiankyo (remixed by Vector Omega feat. DJ Top Bill) / “Hmk Rmx” (5:28)


Various Artists
Amoeba Music Compilation
Vol. IV

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam / Amoeba Music
RELEASE DATE: April 18, 2003


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“Recommended collection of provocative, purposeful, independent music,” is what CMJ New Music Monthly wrote about one of the previous compilations in this essential series. This fourth collection in the Amoeba Music Compilations is yet another quality collection of independent, musically diverse artists from California. 24 of the 39 tracks are artists who work at one of Amoeba Music’s three locations (Berkeley, San Francisco, and Hollywood). As with the three previous compilations the music here covers a lot of terrain. All types of rock, from the lushly produced, pop-rock of Loquat to the black metal noize of Crebain, to the punk rock of the Trainables, are all found here. There is also hip hop (e.g., Forest Fires Collective and Quangou), electronic (e.g., Marc Deon and Textura), experimental (e.g., Petit Mal and Tad Bridenthal), and all points in between. O-Type delivers “gothic soundscapes and mesmerizing modular environments” while Gavin & Lindsey’s music is best described as “warped, electronic, genre-defying, ultra-dense beats.” Meanwhile Keala C Ramos plays Hawaiin slack-key guitar and Hebro’s music is “acoustic-ska.” Also featured is spoken word artist Aya de Leon. The artists are also varied in that many have long histories while some are releasing their very first recordings here such as the Berkeley duo Thermos. Meanwhile Mr. Lif (Boston emcee with the Def Jux family who relocated to Berkeley) teamed up with the Bay Area’s DJ Pone to do a remix of the track “Earthcrusher” off last year’s critically acclaimed album I, Phantom.The goal of these budget-priced Amoeba Music/Hip Hop Slam collaborative compilations, which are heavily promoted and publicized, is to spread the music of each of the unsigned artists featured on them. As with the previous three (All That Glitters Isn’t Platinum: Amoeba Music Compilation vol. I, Just Payin The Rent: Amoeba Music Compilation vol. II, and Independent Music: Amoeba Music vol. III), bios with contact information on each artist are included in the compilation’s comprehensive liner notes.



01. O-Type / “Goiter”
02. Da Babylonianz / “Keep It R.A.W.”
03. Winfred E. Eye / “The Dirt Tier”
04. dawgisht vs. DJ Stoic / “Hangover”
05. Balanceman / “Soup Or Spy?”
06. Healamonster And Tarsier / “Munster Cheeze”
07. 4AM / “Sorry Wrong #”
08. Forest Fires Collective / “Ask Who To Ask”
09. Mr. Lif / “EarthCrusher (DJ Pone's Destruct & Paste remix)”
10. Equipto / “Rap Attack”
11. Textura / “Rainletts”
12. Loquat / “To The Floor”
13. Keala C Ramos / “E Kaha'oe”
14. Tim'm / “Red Dirt”
15. Quiet American / “Callisthenic (an exercise in negative space)”
16. Quangou presents two Turtles & A Beta Fish / “Ninja Talk”
17. Gavin & Lindsey / “Persona”
18. Tad Bridenthal / “The Electric Indian (excerpt)”


01. Heather Porcaro / “Space Monkey”
02. Bart Davenport / “Miami Afternoon”
03. The Shaft / “One Time… I Drank My Own Pee (the owls are not what they seem)”
04. Julie Plug / “Blue Sky Propeller”
05. Hebro / “Looking for Joe”
06. Unagi Beats / “Invisible French Man”
07. Aya de Leon / “Sheepskin”
08. Fabulous Disaster / “Next Big Joyride”
09. Deadly Weapons / “You're So Selfish”
10. The Trainables / “Bored Sick”
11. The Meek / “The System”
12. Goodbye Everybody / “Don’t Wait”
13. Feller Quentin / “Rose”
14. Tim Ranow / “Sometimes I Do”
15. The Ebb & Flow / “California Condor”
16. Lil Miss Ju Ju B / “S&M Blvd.”
17. Thermos / “Wood Paneling”
18. Marc Deon / “The Fall (edited version)”
19. Crebain / “I Live To Kill”
20. Bill Skins Fifth / “Generation Imitation”
21. Petit Mal / “Comp Squad Obliterate”


Various Artists
Scratch Attack: The LP

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: April, 2003


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Scratch Attack: the LP is the condensed vinyl version of the two-CD compilations of the same name, drawing select tracks mainly from Vol.2 (A 2,3,4,5, and B 2,3,4) and a couple from Vol. 1 (B 1,5). Highlights on this vinyl offering include DJ QBert's amazing "Turbo Paw Platoon," the two
tight-as-fuck skratch tracks from the Italian DJ crew Alien Army (made up of DJ's Skizo, Tayone, Zak, Inesha, and Metz), the legendary "Jazz" by Double Dee and Steinski, and DJ Stoic's "Autumn Shuffle."


1. "I Want my Battle Record Back You Bastard" Intro (1:00)
2. DJ QBert "Turbo Paw Platoon" (4:17)
3. Alien Army "Daily Nightmare" (3:48)
4. DJ Pone "Munkifunk (It's Your Birthday)" (1:00)
5. Double Dee & Steinski "Jazz" (4:55)
6. "Album Cover To Masturbate To" (Crude Interlude) (:30)

1. DJ Stoic "Autumn Shuffle" (2:46)
2. Bas-1 "To All The DJ's" (Fanatik) (2:56)
3. Alien Army "Destroy" (2:47)
4. DJ Quest & Live Human "Fr-Fre-Fre-Fresshhhhhhh!" (4:19)
5. DJ 8-Ball "2-Tone 8-Ball" (LIVE) (1:58)
6. "History of the DJ" Outro (1:20)


DJs of Mass Destruction
WAR (if it feels good, do it!)

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: November, 2003


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War (if it feels good, do it!)—presented by the DJs of Mass Destruction (Billy Jam, DJ Pone, and Dawgisht) is a hip hop compilation of DJ and emcee tracks—all dealing with the issues of war and peace, and US foreign policy, in particular the 2003 war on Iraq. In fact a great many of the album’s 28 tracks utilize samples or soundbites from TV News coverage recorded during that 2003 US/Iraq “war” (at least what Dubya recognized as the “war” timeline). Highlights of this 74 minute CD include Public Enemy, DJs of Mass Destruction, Guerrilla News Network, Mr. Lif, Steinski, Tino Corp's Ben Stokes, Azeem, the funny as fuck 4AM, LapTop madmen Cat Five, middle school kids ARK, slam-poet Aya de Leon, and noise-masters O-Type. A few of the compilation tracks were recorded before the war, some after September 11, and others even earlier, including Shing02's rare, Japanese-only import “Since By Man Came Death” and the amazing cut-and-paste masterpiece by Steinski & Mass Media (“It's Up To You”) which was recorded, not in 2003 as it sounds it could have been, but during that other Gulf war, a decade earlier. Although most of the names (Iraq, Saddam, Oil, and Bush) did not need to be changed to protect the guilty. Artists who recorded their tracks during the 2003 Iraqi war, such as Tino Corp's Ben Stokes, DJ Stoic, Quiet American, O-Type, 4AM, and project producers the DJs of Mass Destruction, all used their recording sessions as a form of therapy or catharsis to artistically vent their frustration with a war that all agreed was unnecessary and just plain wrong. At that time (only earlier this year, mind you) the average American strongly disagreed with any form of opposition to Bush's WAR, labeling such protests anti-American, pro-Taliban, or pro-terrorist. However since the war (and post war months) dragged on and on without any resolvement in finding Saddam, the Weapons of Mass Destruction, or even Bin Laden—many Americans have since altered their opinions of the Bush administration's foreign policy. But no matter what side of the political divide anyone stands on, all owe it to themselves to listen to this album.


01. “Win This War and Have a Good Time” (0:16)
02. DJs of Mass Destruction / “WAR (If It Feels Good, Do It)” (2:16)
03. Mr. Lif / “Earthcrusher (DJ Pone remix)” (3:57)
04. “Emcee Dubya vs. Guvna Aaarnold” (0:23)
05. Public Enemy / “Son of a Bush (DJ Pone Baghdad remix)” (3:58)
06. Guerrilla News Network / “Happy Ramadan Osama bin Ladin” (1:33)
07. Steinski & Mass Media / “It’s Up To You (war mix) (w/ Man in the Blue Bathrobe)” (5:10)
08. Azeem / “Bush is a Gangsta” (1:41)
09. Tino Corp featuring Ben Stokes / “Dubya (Commander in Chief)” (4:11)
10. DJs of Mass Destruction / “Liberate The Children (live)” (3:48)
11. Guerrilla News Network / “WAR” (1:14)
12. Cat Five / “American Military Operations (remix)” (3:33)
13. DJ Stoic / “Land Mine” (3:12)
14. DJs of Mass Destruction / “Weapons? What Weapons of Mass Destruction? (live)” (2:01)
15. Shing02 / “Since By Man Came Death” (6:29)
16. Fox News vs. The Word Biiiaaatch (0:12)
17. 4AM / “InDaClub” (5:42)
18. Boots / “George Bush Is a Bank Manager” (0:16)
19. O-Type / “Blood and Sand” (3:13)
20. The Desert DJs / “Fifty Miles of Baghdad” (2:33)
21. ARK featuring Mippy / “So Many People (excerpt)” (1:28)
22. Guerrilla News Network / “Good vs. Evil” (2:06)
23. DJs Of Mass Destruction / “War is What They Got (epilogue)” (2:00)
24. Quiet American / “Once Over” (3:22)
25. Aya de Leon / “Thin Line/Stop the War (live at La Pena)” (3:22)


26. The Iraq Attack DJs / “Spoils of War” (2:24)
27. DJs of Mass Destruction (featuring DJ SARS) / “Nobody Cares (Die for Oil Sucker)” (2:38)
28. DJ Killabush vs. The Embedded DJ / “Shock & Awe” (0:55)


Dump or Die vol.05

LABEL: Hip Hop Slam
RELEASE DATE: September, 2004


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"Music to wash dishes by…"

In 1993, Dawgisht joined Hip Hop Slam as graphic designer. Since then the ever-modest, multi-talented, Dawgisht (real name Geoff Rantala) has surprised his fellow Hip Hop Slammers with more and more amazing beats and instrumental tracks. So good that anyone who heard them would request copies of his tapes, later CDs. So why wait until now to release them to the general public? Like most great things that sit under one's nose, you tend to not see the true talent that is right there in front of you. But that's not to say that Dawgisht's music has never been released before. It has been, many times over the years under various pseudonyms and as a member of various groups. In the mid-nineties he was one-third of pioneering East Bay drum'n'bass outfit H.$.O. along with Balanceman and DJ Sifu. He also recorded as part of the Product Pushers for their contributions to two BOMB compilaitons.

More recently, Dawgisht made his mark as being one third of the critically acclaimed DJs of Mass Destruction who produced the acclaimed WAR (if it feels good, do it!) project. Dawgisht's music was the backbone for the other two DJs OMD members, DJ Pone and Billy Jam, to scratch and sample over. As such Dawgisht's work has been warmly compared to the likes of Kid Koala and DJ Krush. He has also been recently performing his beats live on Amiga 1200 with Freelancers Un1ted (Shing02 & DJ A-1).


01. LoveIsAll-01   [07-29-96]   (03:03)
02. StickyBuns-01   [05-17-95]   (02:08)
03. Foghorn-01   [06-25-96]   (01:46)
04. fatthose-01   [12-19-97]   (03:38)
05. Fight-01   [12-29-96]   (02:24)
06. Casper-01   [07-15-95]   (02:54)
07. Jobbin-01   [02-03-96]   (02:17)
08. DootDootDoot-01   [06-25-96]   (02:14)
09. Shimrot-01   [08-25-94]   (02:32)
10. Freak-01   [05-27-96]   (01:42)
11. Blues-01   [12-10-96]   (02:26)
12. DeepSeaFunk-01   [11-21-96]   (03:49)
13. Shmuck-01   [04-04-97]   (02:43)
14. FarOffWest-01   [11-02-96]   (02:26)
15. TurtleDope-04   [04-29-94]   (02:05)
16. DeepRooted-01   [11-12-96]   (02:40)
17. Tux'sSneak-02   [07-15-95]   (02:02)
18. DarkShoutOutLoop-01   [07-15-95]   (02:20)
19. MellowGroove-01   [11-23-94]   (02:20)
20. FunkyPlug-01   [11-22-96]   (02:40)
21. SermonFunk-01   [07-15-95]   (02:54)
22. FunkyMonkey-01   [12-29-95]   (02:24)
23. BlueButter-01   [11-27-94]   (02:26)
24. GoodTumor-01   [02-18-95]   (02:23)
25. Melonheadz-01   [12-29-97]   (02:02)
26. Earring-02   [03-14-96]   (02:41)
27. HipHopSlam-03   [05-31-93]   (01:34)
28. NocturnalBite-01   [12-10-97]   (02:36)
29. Syrup-01   [07-24-96]   (03:23)
30. HoeHeavin-01   [01-20-96]   (02:50)
31. SexxOrgans-01   [09-13-94]   (02:15)


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