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Wick-Wick-Wank? The Porn/Turntablism Connection — Part 1



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"Chloe shows us how to 'cut from behind'"

VCA star Chloe on the turntable

What is it that many great turntablists have in common? One might say it’s an amazing technical skill on par with the greatest instrument soloists. Perhaps it’s an avant-garde artistic sense, borne out of this postmodern age. Or is it sharing the troubled soul of our generation, expressing existential angst? If you hang out with DJs enough, or if you happen to be one yourself, the answer should be obvious—the thing we have in common is a healthy interest in pornography.

The manifestations of this phenomenon occur as regularly as the “ahhh” scratch. Interviews with STA, The Beat Junkies, and D-Styles, among others, reveal the prominent porn-lust of DJs. We have the example of scratch records—check DJ Streak’s past few offerings. Former DMC finalist DJ Domination has a body-trick routine in which Heather Hunter straddles him as he juggles the record from various positions; Domination has even started an escort/modeling agency with Sky, the former Vivid vixen. Speaking of DMC, the main highlight of the 1995 DMC World Finals was not Roc Raida, but rather, it was Traci Lords presenting the coveted gold turntables! We even caught the Hedgehog, Ron Jeremy, on an episode of Turntable TV!

That there is a connection between the adult entertainment industry and turntablism is obvious. What is more elusive is the nature of this connection. I shall be reporting on the Porn-Turntablism connection in an attempt to shed some light on this matter. And what better way to begin my investigation than to go straight to the porn stars themselves! With camera and portable turntable in hand, I attended the 2002 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

Most turntablists should be able to name a good amount of porn stars. However, this relationship seems to be only one-way, as most of the stars I talked to had not even touched a turntable before. Nevertheless, there were a few stars who had DJed before. I had the stars scratch on the portable turntable and demonstrate their cutting skills.

Tabitha Stevens appeared to know the most, scratching and quoting cliché hip-hop samples like “Put the needle on the record when the drumbeat goes like this!” She mentioned that just the week before, she was hanging out with Unkle Kracker’s crew (Kid Rock’s DJ), backstage at the American Music Awards.

From the Jill Kelly Productions camp, Shayla LaVeaux and Deven Davis demonstrated that they were down with the turntable as well. Deven mentioned having DJed before, while Shayla let us know that she performed a “jungle gym” act with a DJ, wrapping around him like he was playground equipment while he got down on the one and twos. Jill Kelly herself dared any other porn star or DJ to compete with her, rubbing the needle against the groove a la Q-bert in 1991 (see “Top 5 Pr0n Star Skratchers”, below).

At the New Sensations booth, current North Pole star Bobbi Barrington told us that she had a mobile DJ operation back home in Australia—she mixed, but she didn’t scratch. Also at the New Sensations booth, I had the pleasure of meeting my adult entertainment idol, Peter North, as well as giving him his first-ever scratching lesson.

Although a majority of the actors and actresses I met had never DJed before, many of them were quite enthusiastic about scratching for the first time. Some of them took to it naturally—Charmane Star and Holly Hollywood knew how to catch a snare sound and scratch it with little instruction from me. Current adult sensation Tera Patrick, as well as veteran actor Randy West showed the potential for great DJ stage presence. Others made up for their shortcomings with great excuses—porn legend Nina Hartley told us she’ll “stick to having sex” while VCA superstar Chloe told us that she’d done things with records “that involve her ass.”

To conclude my Las Vegas report, I present a top 5 list:

Top 5 Pr0n Star Skratchers

5) Jenna Jameson—After telling the crowd she was leaving in 15 minutes, and that there wasn’t any time for photographs, Jenna showed her love for the turntable by taking exception to us and striking a skratching pose for the camera.

4) Chloe—No, she can’t actually skratch. She refused to. She plays the bass. But the reigning anal queen made up for it. Chloe told us she’s done other interesting things with records—things that involve her ass.

3) Tabitha Stevens—Tabitha immediately knew what to do and actually dropped some knowledge by quoting some cliche hip-hop samples. “Put the needle on the record when the drumbeat goes like this….” Plus, as a fan of Ms. Stevens, I’m a bit biased.

2) Randy West—Mr. West is aging and his hearing is a bit off, but he still bobbed his head to the beat. He would’ve been a natural. Plus, he called himself Master Pee…nis.

1) Jill Kelly—No, she didn’t know what to do. But at least she’s been keeping up with DJ competition. She followed the 2001 battle fad (albeit unintentionally)—skratching by dragging the needle across the record. Did I mention she demonstrated this several times, just in case anyone missed? She scratched new grooves into the record, worse than anything I have ever done, intentionally or unintentionally. But, with her autograph on the record, I have a great souvenir.

Stay tuned for more as I continue my investigation of the Porn-Turntablism connection.

In other Porn/DJ news

• Snoop Doggy Dogg won a prestigious AVN award for his soundtrack work with Hustler video.

• According to AVN, former DMC finalist (1994 US East Coast Heat) DJ Domination and former Vivid girl Sky have recently opened an adult entertainment management firm named Superstar Models & Talent Management.

• Also according to AVN, in further showing porn’s affinity for hip-hop, last month in Los Angeles, porn studs Max Hardcore and Mr. Marcus hosted a hip hop party called “the Addiction Lounge.” Mr. Marcus said that the party was the primer for his third annual Valentine’s Day party, to be held at the Key Club in Los Angeles.

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(Thank you to DJ Neogeo ( for his help in compiling the Porn/DJ news. And thanks to DJ Snayk Eyez ( for all the documentary work we did together in Las Vegas!).


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