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updated 04/15/04

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SF, CA — 01/18/03

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posted 01/29/03

HHS MEMORIAL DAY BBQ Oakland, CA — 05/26/03

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posted 06/17/03

Oakland, CA — 10/21/05

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posted 11/11/05
[ NEW! ]

Live at The Laundromat
Oakland, CA — Friday, October 21, 2005

Photos by Shing02

In the 1950's and 60's, West Oakland boasted more than 20 rhythm and blues clubs such as Slim Jenkins and Esther's Orbit Lounge — which pumped out gritty live music every night of the week and fueled a whole cottage industry of black owned mom-and-pop record stores, plus countless East Bay record labels to support the thriving local doo-wop, RnB, soul, and emerging funk music scenes. But the music died — or rather was killed in the name of "urban development". The Cypress Freeway and the new overhead BART train (bay area transit system) were built right down the middle of what was once the main strip of the West Oakland clubland, effectively grinding things to a tragic halt.

60-year old Oakland music fan Buck was there back then and shares memories and vinyl from this rich era with Hip Hop Slam's Billy Jam and DJ Pone. Recorded live at the laundromat that Buck owns and runs in North Oakland (see pics) in a special session that also included emcee Bas-One and Andrew Jarvis (Ubiquity Records) the special Hip Hop Slam production airs on KALX 90.7FM Berkeley on Nov 13th at 10AM and on WFMU 91.1FM Jersey on Nov 16th at 3AM (eastern time or midnite Pacific time). Note that the program also airs on where it is also archived as an MP3 file.

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Buck & Billy Jam


DJ Pone


Buck & Billy Jam




Billy Jam



Buck, Billy Jam, Shing02 and Pone







BAS-1 and Bomb's Dave Paul


BAS-1, Dave Paul, Ubiquity's Andrew Jarvis, Billy Jam and Buck







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